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In order to warn other road users of dangerous situations, motor vehicles must acoustic signaling devices (a horn) be equipped. At the same time, care must be taken when using the horn so that others are not startled or unduly bothered by the noise. The legislator therefore places specific requirements on the respective institution. But what exactly should you pay attention to? For example, can the horn play “La Cucaracha” or other sequences of tones? Are there noise protection regulations? What sanctions can be imposed according to the catalog of fines for a so-called melody horn be imposed? The following guide gives answers to questions dealing with this topic.

FAQ: Melody horn

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Is it legal to use a horn with a melody in a car?

  • According to the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) it is legal , if the sounding of audible signals does not sound with a constant fundamental frequency. Therefore, a car horn must not play a melody.

Are there any exceptions?

  • Special provisions apply to motor vehicles that are equipped with a blue flashing light. These must emit a warning signal consisting of a series of tones with different fundamental frequencies. Incidentally, the melody horn is also called an emergency horn or siren.

Is it permitted to install a melody horn in the vehicle?

  • Anyone who uses a vehicle in which an unauthorized device for emitting acoustic signals is installed must pay a fine of €15. It is not allowed.

Catalog of fines for acoustic signals

police control police

Vehicle driven with defective / impermissible sound system15 €
Abusively sound signals5 €
… with harassment of others10 €

Sound signals and their specifications!

Many make various changes to their vehicles to stand out from the crowd. However, various regulations limit the customization options. But what about sound signal devices? Is it allowed to make a melody out of the car horn? The StVZO provides information. The text of the law contains all the regulations on sound signal systems. For example, in § 55 paragraph 2 StVZO: Horns and horns are allowed as a system for sound signalling constant fundamental frequency (including harmonic chords) and without background noise. Therefore, a melody like "La Cucaracha" rather be used as a horn signal. It could cause other road users to be frightened. In principle, several acoustic signals can be installed, but they must not enable the transmission of a series of tones with different fundamental frequencies.

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It is also important to comply with the legal requirements regarding volume. The limit of 105 dB(A) in 7 m distance must not be exceeded. This is a so-called Train Horn prohibited in the car. However, the legislature has made exceptions for certain vehicle classes, so that there even mandatory is to have installed a melody horn. The § 55 Abs. 3 StVZO results from the regulation. This says:

Motor vehicles which, on the basis of Section 52 (3), have beacons for flashing blue lights must be equipped with at least one warning device with a sequence of sounds of different fundamental frequencies (horn). If more than one emergency horn is attached, it must be ensured that only one can be activated at a time.

In vehicles belonging to the police, fire brigade or also from the rescue service with blue lights, sound devices that play a sequence of sounds must be available. That Deployment or siren can thus be understood in a broader sense as a melody horn.

Is it legal to own a melody horn if you don't have permission for it?

Those who do not follow the rules must expect penalties. The detailed penalty can be found in the nationwide catalog of offenses, also known as the list of fines. In a car, a melody horn is considered illegal Furniture for audible signals. Anyone who uses such a vehicle on the road commits an administrative offence. The legislature has a penalty for this 15 Euros fixed. Furthermore, penalties for the misuse of audio signals be imposed. The following video summarizes the German Road Traffic Act (StVO) regulations on the use of horns and the situations in which misconduct can lead to fines:

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