The meaning of the numbers on dangerous goods warning signs!

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Dangerous goods warning sign

There are professions that involve dangers for people and the environment. Those who work in these professions bear a great deal of responsibility for themselves and others. Working as a dangerous goods transport driver is such a responsible job. Mistakes in this profession can have dramatic consequences for the environment, but also for human lives. That's why dangerous transport drivers need one special driver's license and the ADR check (for the transport of hazardous goods on European roads/IHK). In addition, these transports are warning notices provided so that other road users can also see the danger. The information is also important for rescue workers. You get through those attached to the vehicles Dangerous Goods Warning Signs Information about the charged substances.

Meaning of the numbers on the dangerous goods warning signs

Dangerous goods warning sign Dangerous goods transporter

These panels are Orange and in two halves divided. There is one in the top half Number, that's the danger number. This number insists on two to three digits. The first number stands for the nature of the danger (fundamental danger), which mainly comes from the cargo. The other digits indicate dangers which additionally exist. If there is no other risk apart from the main hazard, there is one in the second place zero. The zero is only used as a placeholder. If the same number occurs twice in the hazard number, there is an increase in the corresponding risk. Here are some examples of the numbers and the dangers they describe:

  • the 3 stands for flammable liquids
  • the 4 stands for solid flammable substances
  • the 7 stands for radioactivity

Dangerous transports are not allowed to travel on certain routes. The orange board also indicates this.

Dangerous Goods Warning Sign: Gasoline & Diesel Fuel

Incidentally, a transporter of dangerous goods is allowed on certain routes not driving. A prohibition sign with an orange truck informs about this. There are many liquids that can catch fire. This includes Petrol. This fabric bears the number 33. Diesel fuel is less likely to catch fire and therefore carries the hazard number 30. The sequence of numbers 333 would stand for a self-igniting liquid. In addition to the fire hazard, other risks can also emanate from a substance. For example, the number 236 represents a gas (2) that is flammable (3) and toxic (6).

Incidentally, the lower half of the hazard warning signs shows the UN number. She insists on one four-digit A sequence of digits that specifies exactly which substance is involved in the dangerous transport load. Each UN number is usually one hazard number assigned. The list of UN numbers and their meaning was determined by a UN expert committee. The hazard warning signs provide the rescue services with important information. Through this, the emergency services with the right equipment get to the place of action and also act correctly. A wrong approach could make the situation even worse. Some substances, for example, react with water and form flammable gases. Some UN numbers are listed below:

  • Diesel fuel or heating oil: 1202
  • Gasoline or petrol: 1203
  • LPG: 1965
  • there is an overview here

Dangerous goods warning sign Dangerous goods transport truck

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