Interior Entries: What is Necessary?

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Sport steering wheel driver race car conversion

The interior can be changed quickly. However, is it necessary to register these changes or not? The themes are particularly important in the area of ​​the interior Steering wheel and Seats play a major role and often bring surprises. One thing is clear, the steering wheel must be a tested trade, such as the LUISI Mirage.

Can be entered to a limited extent – ​​snap-off hubs!

Snap Off System sports steering wheel entry

So that the popular Snap off hubs can be entered, they must have a double locking feature. If it is a vehicle without an airbag, the diameter may only a maximum of ten percent smaller fail than that of the standard steering wheel. In vehicles with an airbag actually no steering wheel without an airbag can be entered. However, there are exceptions if your vehicle meets the following points Fulfills:

  • Multi-point belts are installed in the vehicle
  • A tested steering wheel is installed in the vehicle
  • your vehicle has a cage with seat belt attachment or a rear seat belt brace

But here, too, the steering wheel is only allowed ten percent smaller fail than the standard steering wheel. That's why 70 mm bowl-shaped steering wheels register. With a 90 mm bowl, entry is already impossible in most cases. Incidentally, the position of the steering wheel can be quickly found out with a simple trick. To do this, hold the steering wheel as you normally would when driving.

Steering column lever indicator lever wiper lever extension extension 4 E1600849367746

Now you must be able to operate the selector lever for turn signals and windshield wipers. If this is guaranteed and the examiner can also easily reach all the levers, then the steering wheel is turned expected in order. However, there is no precisely defined measure. In difficult cases, the installation of multi-point belts is necessary for safety. If the body of your vehicle does not have any attachment points for these multiple belts, then you must have a so-called harness bar obstruct. These belt struts are usually found in a complete passenger cell, the so-called "Cage".

consoles and seats

FIA approval is for seats up to the year of manufacture 1998 necessary. A Teilegutachten is instead required from model year 1999. The interplay of seat and console is ideal as soon as an approved console is available for the vehicle. For the individual approval, the console alone must already have proof or alternatively a label. In this area, we clearly advise self-made and/or remarkably cheap mounts and consoles ab. These are not registrable and represent an increased security risk. Well-known manufacturers such as Sparco or Recaro usually send the necessary proof.

Vehicle cell - the "cage"

Here it can be put in a nutshell: ONLY assemble vehicle cells WITH a parts certificate for exactly your vehicle! In general – as always – there will be no Comparative report accepted! The vehicle registration document with the entry of the component from another vehicle does not help! For the manufacture and assembly of the cage, a Construction report and a test report of the audited company that developed and manufactured the cell.

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