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Info: The mask requirement in the first aid kit comes in 2022!

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Info: The mask requirement in the first aid kit comes in 2022!

The Mask requirement Today it has become part of everyday life for many people. Not only when shopping, but also in many other situations nowadays one wears a mask as a matter of course. And according to Rhenish Post, there will soon be a mask in the First aid kit in the car will become a duty. Carrying a first-aid kit in a car has been around for many years mandatory. And have been since 2014 only First aid kits sold that the DIN standard 13164 correspond. This standard will in all likelihood be used with the next amendment to the law expanded. In this case it will probably come to the fact that one is obliged to carry masks in the first-aid kit. Failure to adhere to this rule can result in a fine of up to 10 Euro Erwarten.

What else has to be considered!

Info: The mask requirement in the first aid kit comes in 2022!

One must as a vehicle driver check whether the first-aid kit is complete. The first aid kit also has a Expiry Datethat one should always adhere to. If that Expiry Date is exceeded, the first-aid kit will be used by the examiner for the next examination as "slight deficiency“Chalked as the content Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! corresponds to the minimum requirements of the DIN standard. So it can also be objected to during an inspection. By the way: Finding the right place for the first aid kit in the car is not that easy. We recommend that you put the first-aid kit in a place where you can quickly access it as a driver or passenger. Preferably secured / fixed in the vehicle cabin. In the trunk there is a risk of not getting to the box in the event of a rear-end collision.

Contents: Vehicle first aid kit according to DIN 13164!

1 adhesive plaster,
DIN 13019-A,
5 mx 2,5 cm 4 first-aid bandages,
DIN 13019-E, 10cm x 6cm

2 bandages,
DIN 13151-M

1 bandages,
DIN 13151-G

1 bandage, DIN 13152-BR, 40 cm x 60 cm

1 bandage,
DIN 13152-A,
60 80 cm x cm

6 compresses,
10 cm x 10 cm2 fixation bandages,
DIN 61634-FB-6

3 fixation bandages,
DIN 61634-FB-8

2 triangular cloths,
DIN 13 168-D

1 rescue blanket,
210 x 160cm

1 first aid scissors, DIN 58279-A 145

4 disposable gloves,
DIN EN 4551 First Aid Brochure 2 wet wipes
for skin cleansing

1 14-piece ready-made plaster set

1 first-aid packs

from 2022: 2 x mask

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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Info: The mask requirement in the first aid kit comes in 2022!

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Info: The mask requirement in the first aid kit comes in 2022!

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Info: The mask requirement in the first aid kit comes in 2022!

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