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Bugatti Chiron as Bespoke Sur Mesure Creations!

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Bugatti Chiron as Bespoke Sur Mesure Creations!

The "Sur Mesure" customization program offered by Bugatti since 2021 offers a high degree of customer-specific personalization. Two new vehicles have now been presented, which were created in response to special customer requests. Every hyper sports car that leaves the workshop in Molsheim is unique. So that customers can also realize their own personal vision of a hyper sports car, Bugatti has been offering the “Sur Mesure” customization program since 2021. It has never been as attractive as it is today to have a Bugatti model made to measure. The close cooperation between Bugatti customers and the Sur Mesure team results in a growing number of new models. They impress with a carbon finish, hand-applied paintwork patterns and embroidered leather elements in the interior.

two Sur Mesure creations

The way the designed body parts of the hyper sports cars reflect the light is an inexhaustible source of creative inspiration. Whether in a bright tunnel of light in the studio, where experts subject the quality of the paintwork to extensive testing, or in the diffuse light of the setting sun: the naturally occurring shapes and patterns captivate everyone who sees them.

California Blue & Lines at Arancia Mira

One of the first Chiron Super Sports to be handed over to its new owner is dedicated to this unique source of inspiration. The color California Blue was first applied by hand as the base coat for the "Vagues de Lumière" paintwork, which was then supplemented in weeks of meticulous detailed work with flowing lines in Arancia Mira that followed the course of the light. At the request of the owner, the hyper sports car bears the number 38 on the typical horseshoe radiator grille and can boast further details such as magnesium rims in Arancia Mira and the lettering on the engine. The Arancia Mira color scheme is continued in the leather-trimmed interior. The Chiron Super Sport is the ultimate Grand Tourisme: it is suitable for covering long distances in opulent luxury and, thanks to its unique silhouette with a long tail, it can reach a top speed of 440 km/h.

In addition to the Chiron Super Sport, a Chiron Pur Sport also rolls out of the workshop, which has an equally elaborate paintwork: the blue surfaces of the carbon-fibre bodywork are criss-crossed by Nocturne stripes. The tricolore - the French national flag - adorns the end plates of the rear wing and at the front of the hyper sports car the number 9 in French Racing Blue is emblazoned on the horseshoe radiator grille. In the interior, the color scheme is picked up again using the color split process with leather upholstery made of Beluga Black and French Racing Blue. With its high downforce and the newly developed drive train, the Chiron Pur Sport offers optimum acceleration and cornering dynamics. This makes it the most agile hyper sports car that Bugatti has ever created. It is in its element on winding, narrow mountain roads and can demonstrate the strong connection between driver and road.

Bugatti Chiron as Bespoke Sur Mesure Creations!

The painstaking process to create these extraordinary paint finishes takes about five weeks and begins with a series of 2D samples that must be applied to the vehicle's 3D surfaces with millimeter perfection. Next, Bugatti experts meticulously apply layer upon layer of contrasting colors by hand to create a deep and intense color scheme. This creates the illusion of reflected light. After completion, this painting is then fixed with several layers of clear varnish.

Decades of experience with special paint finishes

Bugatti can draw on decades of experience in creating extraordinary paint finishes: in 2011 Bugatti presented the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport L'Or Blanc, which was created in partnership with the Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. The Veyron's outer shell is a perfect recreation of natural light reflections that visually "flow" across the automobile in sweeping curves and delicate lines, and then finished by hand in a rich shade of blue. Later in 2019, Bugatti produced the Chiron "Zebra 1 of 1" whose unique color scheme of Titanic Blue and Gunpowder Gray was applied over three weeks and also inspired by light.

“The 'Vague de Lumiére' livery created for these two examples of our hyper sports cars embodies the fundamental principles of the Bugatti philosophy: craftsmanship, innovation and tradition. We are constantly striving to improve the Bugatti customer experience, from the moment of inquiry to final handover and subsequent customer service. I am very excited to see which creations our customers will create together with the Sur Mesure team in the coming years," says Christophe Piochon, President of Bugatti.

The Sur Mesure Experience

  • Bugatti Sur Mesure, which translates as "tailor-made", is based on the brand's remarkable history of body construction, handcrafted interiors, paintwork, trim and body design. It brings together the accumulated expertise of the designers and technicians to create a brand new program that can meet the growing consumer demand for ultra-personalized designs, materials and finishes. As part of the official programme, customers - with personal support from the Bugatti Sur Mesure team - will be guided through the world of possibilities open to them. The number of exterior colors and leather finishes available to configure a Bugatti is almost unlimited. But for those who want to go one step further and create a truly unique piece of automotive art, there is Bugatti Sur Mesure. From the first design concept through vehicle production to the final handover, customers receive the full Molsheim experience.

Bugatti Chiron as Bespoke Sur Mesure Creations!

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Bugatti Chiron as Bespoke Sur Mesure Creations!

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Bugatti Chiron as Bespoke Sur Mesure Creations!

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Bugatti Chiron as Bespoke Sur Mesure Creations!

Inspired by light: Bugatti unveils two bespoke Sur Mesure creations
Photo credit: Bugatti
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