Sunday June 20, 2021

Driftworks Ltd.

Driftworks Ltd. with owner Phil Morisson is an online shop for drift car-Tuning-Parts and describes itself as the world's largest website for everything to do with drifting and drifting accessories. And Driftworks played a big part in bringing drifting to the fore in the UK and Europe. Whether donuts in first gear or international drifting competitions, Driftworks knows its way around the scene. And for those interested in a drift vehicle, the company has all the components in its repertoire to be able to build a real drift car. Regardless of whether it is a hobby project or a professional drift vehicle. Driftworks Ltd. has grown from the tiny guest room in Phil's house to a multi-million pound business in its own 12.000 square foot facility in the UK. Driftworks chassis parts are used in competitive vehicles around the world, including vehicles in Great Britain, Formula D from the USA and the D1 in Japan. And the Driftworks Drift Team is one of the most successful in Europe. More about the company can be found on