Hamann Motorsport

What happens when someone with over 20 years of motorsport experience decides to get involved in vehicle tuning and apply what they have learned? Tuning at its finest! Hamman Motorsport, based in 88471 Laupheim, has been active since 1986. At that time, the company was still refining BMWsbefore venturing to further autotuning. As a pioneer, the company developed a crass version of the BMW M3 E30 series, with a top speed of 273 km / h. This laid the foundation for many further extensions of BMW models and helped to further develop the company. Hamman Motorsport has also been working on 1997 since Mercedes-Benz and Smart, which was a rather unexpected move away from its origins. Over the years, the quality and high standard of the vehicle tuning increased, which called further automakers on the plan. Optimizations of the models of Ferrari, Porsche and other manufacturers blew up the original frame and the company continued to grow. Today it is one of the most renowned and largest companies in Germany and internationally, and the portfolio now includes Land Rover, Aston Martin up to Rolls Royce. There is more about the company hamann-motorsport.com.