eROCKIT: The whole of Germany is amazed at this "rocket"!

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Ready to take off? eROCKIT, that's something like that fastest e-bike in the world. You sit on it, step on the pedals and an unbelievable thrust unfolds, which gives you a driving experience that you have never experienced before. A feeling of freedom, like you could fly!

How fast does the eROCKIT go?

The eROCKIT has the performance of a motorcycle. It's like the absolute upgrade of a bike. You could also say a hyper bike. You cycle at 90 km / h, even completely legally, on the motorway. That might not sound like much to speed freaks - but it feels a lot faster. With a range of 120 kilometers, the vehicle, which is manufactured in Hennigsdorf near Berlin, is solidly equipped for the journey to and from work, for a Sunday excursion or the evening round.

The eROCKIT is driven by an electric motor with performance power: 16.000 Watt Top performance, 5.000 watts of continuous output. The bike also impresses with its award-winning and unmistakable design. High-quality parts such as a solid aluminum frame, carbon applications and a state-of-the-art set of lights and indicators make the eROCKIT a must-have for everyone who wants to call something very special their own. The eROCKIT is approved as Electric motorcycle or light motorcycle (125 cm³ category). So you need the appropriate driver's license A1 or the car driver's license extension B196. In any case, eROCKIT is a bike that has to be ridden once in a lifetime. Here you can join a test drive Sign in:

What does the eROCKIT cost?

Hard to believe, but at just under 12.000 euros, the eROCKIT is one of them cheapest Electric motorcycles "Made in Germany". The demand is correspondingly high.

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The company, which has already caused a stir internationally, is now positioning itself for growth and the future. With the establishment of eROCKIT AG it is even possible to participate in the company's success. You can buy shares before the company is listed on the stock exchange. As a prominent shareholder you already have a soccer star Max kruse (1. FC Union Berlin, formerly Werder Bremen), Media entrepreneur Aaron Troschke as well as the medium-sized investment company Berlin-Brandenburg on board. With Richard Gaul the former head of communications at BMW sits on the supervisory board. Dipl.-Ing. Is responsible for the production of the bikes. Markus Leder, who already works for the legendary company Pininfarina has proven his skills as a development manager. For information only: Pininfarina stands for traditional Italian design (Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati), but also for the electric hypercar Baptist (1.900 PS).

Anyone who has ever been annoyed not to have entered Tesla, Google or Apple early on should perhaps take a closer look at this stock.

Anyone who appreciates engineering "Made in Germany" and would like to participate in eROCKIT AG in the booming electromobility market can find it at (LINK: all information.

Note: The present offer is based on the permitted securities information sheet (WIB) dated December 6.12.2021, XNUMX, available on the website This permission is not an endorsement and it is recommended that potential investors read the WIB before making any investment decision in order to fully understand the potential risks and rewards of deciding to invest in the Securities. You are about to acquire a product that is not easy and can be difficult to understand.

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