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Leasing instead of buying is becoming established in companies primarily for capital goods of considerable value. Practically everything in terms of equipment, machines and vehicles can be leased temporarily or for longer periods. Well calculated, companies always have their finger on the pulse of what is happening in the market thanks to the leased items that are always in mint condition.

Suitable types of leasing for more entrepreneurial liquidity

The aim of leasing is to amortize the amount spent, here as a leasing price instead of a purchase price. According to different leasing targets is used for company car leasing and other leased items differentiated according to these financing options:

Operating lease

This company leasing is the shortest leasing variant. Companies have the lowest risk of loss or default. Basically, it is a financially secure rental option for companies. After the end of the contract period, there are no costs for repairs and maintenance, nor is there an obligation to purchase against residual value.

Leasing with partial amortization

In leasing contracts with this clause, the leasing period is so short that the costs cannot be amortized by profits during use. The lessee buys the leased asset at the end of the lease term. Alternatively, the lessor takes the item back and sells it on to a third party as used.

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Leasing with full amortization

The aim of this financing variant is to recover (amortize) the full acquisition costs, including ancillary costs and the lessor's profit margin. A correspondingly long leasing period is necessary for this. In the end, it must be calculated whether the purchase of the leased item is worthwhile at the residual value or whether it makes more sense to extend the contract.

Items for which leasing is an alternative to purchase

Buildings, machines, vehicles or entire plant and vehicle parks are suitable for leasing. The purchase risk is significantly lower when leasing than when buying at full price. The leasing installments are fixed monthly costs that can be planned well in advance in the operating expenses. With structural changes leases may expire and new acquisitions or changed leasing requirements are adapted to the new business model.

Three advantages of machine leasing in fast-paced economic times

Company leasing is by no means cheap. The costs of investments are only spread over a longer period of time. Also offers corporate leasing of plants or machines these five main benefits:

  • Advantage 1: Company founders have to invest less equity in the start of production. Established traditional companies get more freedom in the existing liquidity.
  • Advantage 2: Changes in the company do not have to be made by exchanging machine equipment, but are quick and liquid for changed market orientations.
  • Advantage 3: There are no items left over that are no longer needed. Rather, the return after the end of the lease immediately frees up space for new machines, mostly through new leased items.

Vehicle leasing - a significant investment factor in the company

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The trend towards company leasing is increasing for company vehicles statistically also based on the 2019 survey always further to. When it comes to vehicles, leasing is also attractive because the lessor always provides safe, up-to-date vehicles.

At the end...

  • Company leasing relieves companies of enormous investment sums. It can be used to finance objects of any kind and even real estate in the short, medium or long term. Statistically, the proportion of leased company vehicles and fleets is increasing steadily.

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