So that the temperature remains constant - the oil cooler!

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If you undertake engine tuning and generally consider performance tuning for your car, you may also need other modifications. At least if more than just a simple chip tuning is planned. For example, the oil cooler should also be modernized or modified so that an engine with more power does not overheat and always works in the optimal temperature range. All engine parts should therefore be adequately cooled and lubricated. If performance-enhancing tuning is carried out on the car, this often results in a drastic rise in temperature while driving. In particular, of course, under heavy loads. The oil cooler should be strong enough to cool the engine oil to an optimal temperature.

modified oil cooler - for racing engines

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Racing engines must have specially modified oil coolers that can compensate for the high temperatures and optimally cool the engine oil. The engine oil in turn lubricates and cools the engine. As a rule, an oil cooler is required for racing engines, which keeps the oil “cold”. Many components on the racing car are exposed to high temperatures and benefit from the higher boiling point of oil compared to water. Due to the higher boiling point, the oil does not evaporate as quickly as water and not only cools the pistons of the engine, but also lubricates them at the same time. The engine seals are not hardened by the constant oil pressure provided by a modified, improved oil cooler. This in turn increases the service life of the engine.

Oil cooler - retrofitting by a specialist

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An oil cooler should only be replaced or retrofitted by a professional. Engine cooling is a necessary matter and increases the life of the modified engine. Proper oil cooling is therefore a necessity and should only be retrofitted with high-quality materials and automotive parts. Retrofit coolers or better retrofit kits are commercially available from various manufacturers. You should make sure to order an oil cooler that has an oil cooler flange that contains a thermostat. The ideal cooling temperature can always be guaranteed by the thermostat. And you save a lot of work if you buy a cooler that is considered easy to install and is equipped with a good oil pressure control. To do this, he must of course keep the oil temperature constant. A high-quality oil cooler has a long service life and often also an excellent appearance. Incidentally, the perfect look, which is also in demand when tuning under the hood, and the optimal utilization, also ensure Stainless steel brake hoses, An experienced tuner or a professional tuning workshop can help you find the right equipment.

Oil cooler - don't just pay attention to the price

When buying a modified oil cooler, not only the price should be considered. The optics should also only be of secondary importance. It is important to purchase oil coolers or sets that are really suitable for performance tuning and that optimally cool and lubricate the engine. If you as a layman want to tune the car yourself, you should definitely consult an experienced tuning force so as not to cause engine damage or other damage to the car. A targeted increase in performance can be achieved with professional tuning.

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