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Modified cooling water hoses for the vehicle!

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Cooling water hose tuning cooling hose 2 e1578140582559 Modified cooling water hoses for the vehicle!

If you want to tune your car and particularly value more power, you can use the modified cooling water hoses in combination with an improved one for the final touch water cooler to care. The hoses are available for almost all types of cars and can withstand extreme loads. When buying such a cooling water hose, however, some purchasing factors should be considered. Below we go into more detail on tuning / modifying the cooling water hoses.

Cooling water hoses - tuning

Cooling water hose tuning cooling hose 3 Modified cooling water hoses for the vehicle!

Improved cooling water hoses are available commercially that are suitable for high-performance tuning of a vehicle. The hoses can be purchased for different vehicle models and have different diameters, lengths and properties. It is of course important that the cooling water hoses also match the car type and the planned conversion. The articles are available in high-quality versions that can withstand very high temperatures and extreme loads. The modified hoses are primarily intended for tuned engines. However, they can also be used for standard engines if, for example, the old cooling water hoses are defective. With tuned engines, higher water temperatures and boost pressures occur during operation. The cooling water hoses must be able to withstand them accordingly.

Cooling water hoses - silicone is used

Cooling water hose tuning cooling hose Modified cooling water hoses for the vehicle!

Modified, suitable for tuning, cooling water hoses are usually made of silicone. Materials are used that withstand high loads and do not suffer damage and deform or become leaky when the temperature rises. However, silicone hoses do not only offer an advantage for high loads. On request, the articles are also available in stylish colors and can be used to match individual car tuning. This also gives the engine compartment a cool eye-catcher if desired. The areas of application for the modified hoses can be the charge air system and the cooling system already mentioned.

Cooling water hoses - what to look out for when buying?

The cooling water hoses should be suitable for the high-performance tuning area and offer a wide range of applications. In addition to the colors, the processing, the connections and the temperature range should of course play an important role when buying. Variants are available on the market that are directly declared as suitable for tuning. This can be recognized by terms such as high-performance hoses for motorsport or similar terms. If you want to buy a modified cooling water hose, you should make sure that the hose is suitable for the car type. As a rule, the hoses can be selected for certain car brands and car types. The area of ​​application should be clear from the product description. For example, in the descriptions of modified cooling water hoses, it says that the high-performance items for water cooling systems, suction, G-Lader charge air systems, turbocharger or Compressor-charge-air systems are suitable. The exact information and properties can be found in the respective product description. If you are looking for high-quality variants, you should make sure that the articles are made of multi-layer silicone and are suitable for professional motorsport.

How are cooling water hoses replaced?

High-performance cooling water hoses are usually replaced 1: 1 and replace the original suction and pressure hoses. If the conversion is of course somewhat more extensive and, for example, a new engine, a larger intercooler, modified turbocharger, etc. is installed, then there is probably no way around an individually made cooling water hose. If engine tuning is carried out, original hoses that are not designed for high performance can become brittle and lead to loss of performance and damage to the vehicle. One reason for a loss of performance is the too narrow construction of the original hoses. Due to the narrow variant, the original hoses often contract under full load. The flow is reduced. The performance tuning of the car can be supported professionally and effectively with modified cooling water hoses.

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Cooling water hose tuning cooling hose 4 Modified cooling water hoses for the vehicle!

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Compound brake system Brake discs 3 310x165 Modified cooling water hoses for the vehicle!

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Zerrei% C3% 9Fprobe Tug Of War tug of war car 310x165 Modified cooling water hoses for the vehicle!

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