Measure the acceleration times of the car with an APP?

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Speedometer required speed limit 50 kmh

In the summer of this year we took a close look at various devices with which one can use the Acceleration times can measure from the vehicle. The focus of this post, which you can find here, but lay on external devices, which are either provided with an independent advertisement or by means of special Smartphone App send their data to the phone. But there is also an alternative that is particularly interesting if it will not should be a highly professional time measurement. We are talking about smartphone apps that do not require an additional device due to the built-in GPS sensor of the mobile phone similar results can deliver. Such apps are often even kostenfrei or at least a lot favorable. We had already taken up the topic in 2016 with the SpeedBox - Performance Tracking APP (here is the info report). But what other apps are there?

Example: GPS Race Timer App

GPS Race Timer App measurement smartphone

There is also the popular app "GPS race timer". The app is made for Drag races such as acceleration measurements of 100 at 200 km / h or 1 / 4-mile race. The app can measure up to two times per race. Incidentally, the app has to be used while driving will not to be used. This can be done at a standstill and the measurements then take place automatically instead of. The results can be saved on the mobile phone for subsequent access. There is either predefined Timer settings like 60 feet, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 0-60 mph, 0-120 mph, 50-75 mph 60-120 mph, 0-100 km / h, 0-200 km / h, 80 - 120 km / h and 100 - 200 km / h or you can adjust the timer according to your requirements.

How to use GPS Race Timer app!

First, check the on the home screen Timer settings. When you are happy with the timer settings, you need to position your phone in the vehicle. Preferably so that it has good GPS reception and is firmly anchored. You can then start the acceleration test. You can change the timer configuration at any time in the settings screen. After that, all you have to do is go back to the racing screen and follow the instructions.

The following apps have similar functions:

  • GPS Acceleration, SpeedBox - Performance Tracking APP
  • Android speedometer
  • BMW M Performance Drive Analyzer
  • Speed ​​Logic Lite
  • GPS Race Timer 4+ etc.

At the end... The most important aspect of using such an app is the result that you expect. Do you want an approximate measurement from 100 to 200 km / h or do you want a tenth of an accuracy for the sprint from 0 to 100? That is quite a difference. As a rule, longer measurements with the smartphone app are somewhat more precise than short ones. Such an app is definitely suitable for laypeople who want to measure the acceleration on the motorway with their 150 PS VW Golf. But if you want to see the difference when sprinting at country road speed with a recently implemented performance increase, then in our opinion you should definitely use a professional tool (preferably with an external GPS antenna).

Racer speedometer

Tips for using such apps:

  • The phone must be installed in such a way that a correct GPS connection is possible (not all windshields transmit a GPS signal)
  • If possible, measurement should take place in an area without trees, houses, bridges, etc.
  • Usually such an app replaces a professional device CAN'Tas the following video shows

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