More power with improved cylinder liners?

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Cylinder liners are inserts in the engine block that are designed to protect them from wear and tear caused by the movement of the pistons. However, they are not provided / installed in every engine block and cannot be exchanged / replaced or improved in every version. Instead, the engine block can also be provided with a coating that reduces wear and takes up less space. Here it depends on the manufacturer, the area of ​​application and other aspects of production. For example, there are improved cylinder liners made of an aluminum-silicon alloy. The alloy is applied to the cast iron liner by arc spraying and is extremely stable. Such a bushing has improved adhesion and thermal conductivity and often even reduces oil consumption and CO2 emissions. And a nice side effect is often improved engine performance.

When is an exchange recommended?

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In most cases, the cylinder liners are simply replaced as a replacement of worn ones with identical, new ones. However, if wear is very rapid, it may make sense to switch to improved cylinder liners that are not standard. This is particularly true for vehicles that are driven almost exclusively on short distances or have received a high increase in performance. However, it can also be caused by frequent idling, poor fuel, and lack of maintenance and lubrication. A basic distinction is made between three different types of cylinder liners: wet, dry and cast bushings. It is not possible to replace the cast bushings from the start. Dry liners can be removed, but the replacement is very difficult and should only be carried out by a specialist in a workshop. Only wet liners can be removed and replaced / replaced relatively easily. Experienced hobbyists can even carry out the exchange themselves. However, you should have the appropriate equipment, skill and experience working on the car.

The right cylinder liners for the car

Cylinder liner Piston sleeve Sleeves Tuning More performance with improved cylinder liners?

It is very important that the selected liners not only fit into the engine block, but are also approved by the manufacturer for use in the respective vehicle model / engine. If they are not, the installation can void any warranty that may still exist, which can be very expensive in the event of engine damage. In addition, the engine may not run or may not run correctly if the liners are not designed for the desired engine. You should therefore pay attention to the liner collar (diameter), the height of the liner, the flange seat / flange seat depth and other dimensions. And it is recommended to buy improved cylinder liners in a set with the appropriate pistons and connecting rods. However, the installation of separate cylinder liners is also possible if compatibility with the existing pistons is taken into account.

don't just go for it ...

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In order not to make mistakes during the exchange that can damage the motor, it is advisable to take a close look at the entire process beforehand. There are some very good videos about this online. It also helps to make a list of the necessary equipment for all work steps and to check whether everything is really available. If, for example, the socket extractor is missing, you should buy or borrow it before you start working. Nothing is more uncomfortable than having to wait several days for an urgently needed tool after you have already started to remove it. The availability of a work area in a clean environment should also be taken into account before starting work, because the engine block must never be contaminated. If these requirements are not met, it is better to have the wet cylinder liners professionally replaced in the workshop.

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