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If you no longer want to crank your window up or down in the car yourself, there is the option of retrofitting electric windows. Here you only have to press a button and the rest goes by itself. Especially when a car is not yet equipped with it, the question arises whether an electric window regulator can be retrofitted. Indeed, almost all cars can do this. Depending on the model, however, it can involve a different amount of effort.

Scissors often have to be replaced

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In order to be able to retrofit window regulators, there are corresponding sets available in stores. These include almost everything you need to retrofit power windows. But attention, there are also sets that are only suitable for a specific vehicle model. This should be clarified before ordering. In the first step you have to interior panelling remove the door where you want to mount the window regulators. This is necessary because the so-called Shear often has to replace. They are responsible for the window moving up or down. Depending on the processing, this is somewhat more complex, since it may be necessary to drill out the rivets. The rivets ensure that the old scissors are firmly connected to the disc and that they are reliably raised and lowered. At this point you have to work carefully, not to damage the pane. Once this is done, you have to remove the disc and then remove the old scissors and install the new ones. This step is relatively easy since the scissors are usually attached with hexagon screws.

The power supply for the window regulators

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To ensure that the window regulators also have electricity later on, a corresponding connection cable must be placed in the driver's compartment. Especially with regard to the cable length, you have to think beforehand where the switches for the operation should go. Not that the cable is too short in the end or is permanently under voltage. Here the switch can be arranged directly on the door, in the center console or in an invisible place. There are special solutions especially for classic cars. For example, you can convert the original window crank to an operating button. If you push it forward, you lower the window, if you pull it back, the window goes up (or the other way around). Depending on the selection, this involves a different amount of effort. Extensive processing of the cladding may also be necessary. To ensure that the cable is properly laid, it is advisable to put it through a suitable connection hose that ends in the A-pillar. The cable is then routed to the switch. And another cable is needed to a power source. So that the power requirement is low, you should make sure that there is no "permanent plus" when connecting. So the switch draws power continuously, for example for lighting from the switch. Unless of course you want such lighting. However, it is better to connect to the ignition plus (or switched plus) so that the vehicle battery is not sucked empty. If it is connected to the ignition plus, the lifter only has a function when the ignition is activated. With regard to TÜV, no tests or entries are necessary when retrofitting window regulators.

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  1. Hello, is really a very great video and detailed information on how to easily convert your car to electric windows.
    Unfortunately, however, I do not find any information on the site where to buy the set.
    Would be very friendly if to be able to find out where it is.

    Best regards

    • Hi 🙂

      it depends of course on the car. But the search term “window regulator retrofit kit” actually shows many providers.

      VG Tom

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