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For the workshop - A girth dummy for the vehicle!

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Girth Dummy Anti Gurtwarner For the workshop A girth dummy for the vehicle!

What is a belt dummy for the car? What is the meaning of such a dummy and where is it used? A Gurtattrappe is also called Gurtwarner dummy and should stop the safety belt alarm. In modern cars, an alarm is usually triggered when the driver, passenger and other passengers are not wearing a seatbelt. The alarm is useful to remember to buckle up. In countries such as Germany and Austria, it is well known that a seat belt is required. Nevertheless, there may be off-road situations where the alarm is disturbing. And often there are vehicles where the signal can not be programmed electronically. And often, the complete deactivation of this feature is not desirable at all. The application areas for the belt alarm stopper are explained in more detail below.

Dummy belt - what is it used for?

Harness Dummy Anti Gurtwarner 2 For the workshop A girth dummy for the vehicle!

A girth dummy is also referred to as a belt adapter, belt connector or belt lock adapter. The items are inserted in place of the seat belt in the buckle. The product acts as a Gurtwarner Dummy and Belt Alarm Stopper. The safety belt alarm is outsmarted by the use of the dummy belt connector. The car does not detect any difference as to whether a dummy has been inserted or whether a person is actually wearing a seatbelt. Stopping the alarm is useful, for example, if a car model is presented at trade fairs or in car dealerships. After all, the alarm should not start when potential buyers are looking at a car or presenting a car at a trade show. For example, if you need to carry something in the passenger seat, then a buckle adapter, also known as a beeper set, can also be useful. The use in a garage can be useful. For example Sports seats with Sport belts can be installed, the dummy also be a useful tool. The alarm dummy is so in many areas makes sense.

Belt adapter - what to look for when buying?

Police fine catalog tuning for the workshop A dummy belt for the vehicle!

When purchasing the seatbelt connector, you should ensure that it fits the correct seatbelt lock. Variants with a "universal fit" are available on the market, which should fit into common car models. The articles, also known as anti-seat belt warnings, are available in various designs. You have the choice between classic designs or more modern design variants, for example in black or carbon, etc. You can use the anti-seat belt warning device to temporarily suspend the alarm. However, it is not allowed to use the article to avoid the obligation to wear seat belts.

Seat belt dummy - made of which material?

An anti-Gurtwarner is usually made of metal and can, by alloys, be refined. For example, aluminum alloy articles are commercially available. The alloy makes the products extremely robust and last longer. The articles are usually easy to handle. You just have to put the harness dummy in the buckle like a normal seat belt. With an anti-Gurtwarner you can also use the front passenger seat as a storage area. But make sure that the article is not secured then!

Safety first!

In Germany, there is a seat belt on the road, while driving. You should not use the harness dummy on public roads. Furthermore, you should read before using the article, the legal provision and warnings of the Gurtattrappen manufacturer note. Seat belt dummy - conclusion: A belt dummy looks like a belt plug and should stop the belt alarm. The articles are very useful for car dealers, garages, drivers of cars with external straps or at fairs. The products may not be used to circumvent the legal obligation to wear seat belts.

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Harness Dummy Anti Gurtwarner 3 For the workshop A girth dummy for the vehicle!

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