Pirelli Cyber ​​- this tire tells you aquaplaning!

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Pirelli Cyber ​​Aquaplaning Technique Tire 2 Pirelli Cyber ​​This tire will tell you aquaplaning!

Digitalization is making progress in all areas, and one notices this particularly in the car. And here even in areas where you would not suspect it at first glance. This refers to car tires, such as the Pirelli Cyber. What this tire can and why the technology can protect against accidents, we show in the following article.

That's the Pirelli Cyber

Pirelli Cyber ​​Aquaplaning Technique Tire 3 Pirelli Cyber ​​This tire will tell you aquaplaning!

Who knows, it does not drive on the road, but suddenly the road conditions change. For example, because the road is still wet from the rain, threatening aquaplaning and thus the risk of an accident. The danger of an accident can be minimized if the driver is warned of this danger. And that's what the new Pirelli Cyber ​​is all about.

Early aquaplaning warning is possible

At first glance, the new Pirelli Cyber ​​looks like a normal car tire. But this is by no means normal, as it is equipped with numerous sensors inside. And it is precisely these sensors that can detect a hazard such as aquaplaning. Also because here the grip of the tire is recorded by the sensors. But the new tire can not only collect the information, it also processes it. By passing the information on to other drivers as a warning. This is also referred to as car-to-x communication. The warning message, which consists of a short message "Attention aquaplaning“Is then displayed to every driver in the vicinity. They can then react accordingly to the situation. At Pirelli there can also be conceivable expansions. So that the warning message can be recognized by every driver, regardless of the age and technical condition of the car. Transmission and display on gantries would also be possible here.

Various possibilities through sensor technology

Pirelli Cyber ​​Aquaplaning Technique Tire Pirelli Cyber ​​This tire will tell you aquaplaning!

So that it can even come to a transmission of the message, the system uses the mobile infrastructure here. This is an 5G mobile infrastructure. The Pirelli Cyber ​​is all about safety, but according to Pirelli, other extensions are possible with sensor technology. For example, recording the so-called dynamic load, but also the number of kilometers driven. This allows the technician to monitor the profile of a tire and warn in good time when the profile has worn down.

For the optimal time

From Pirelli there are also other tires that have sensor technology. So there is the P Zero Trofeo tire (as Italia Track Adrenaline), this can monitor in real time, among other things, the pressure, but also the temperature of the tire. These tires are perfect for racing, as the information can help significantly improve lap times.

Tracktool BMW M2 F87 Tuning 40 Pirelli Cyber ​​this tire tells you aquaplaning!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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