Caution: Raise or remove the speed limitation

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Canceling the rev limiter Tuning Caution: Raise or remove the rev limiter

The engine rev limiter has an important function in a car. It protects the engine from overloading. It causes a further increase is limited when reaching the highest speed. For this reason, maximum caution and sensitivity are required when increasing the maximum speed via the speed limiter. Who does not know well, should rather not experiment with it. A capital engine failure could be the result. Anyone who has ever caught the next lower one at full speed instead of the next higher gear might have achieved the same result in some cases.

Remove the rev limiter (DZB)

High performance engine oil Tuning with caution: raise or remove the speed limit

Nevertheless, it is quite popular in the tuning scene (especially for scooters) to remove or raise the rev limiter, so that even more power can be extracted from the vehicle. For this purpose, an electronic module is installed in the signal line or a new software is installed. Either way, the factory limitation is played false facts and suggests a lower speed. Due to the manipulated signal line, the speed for the control is still in the lower limit range. The principle is like a cheap chip tuning box which often does nothing but fool the wrong signal. Such autotuning should be done only by persons who are knowledgeable. Finally, the vehicle manufacturers of the speed limiter is not just installed for fun.

Speed ​​limiters have important functions

Cancel speed limitation Tuning 2 Caution: Raise or remove the speed limitation

If you remove the rev limiter without much expertise, you run the risk of damage to the gearbox, engine or other components. In addition, the change ensures that the wheels and tires are exposed to a greater load. This is mainly due to the fact that exceeding the permissible maximum speed in the last gear also exceeds the maximum load on the tires. This scenario is rare, but it does exist. If a tire bursts on the highway at high speed, it can have bad consequences. In the event of an accident involving a vehicle without a rev limiter, the insurance cover expires. Thus, high costs would be on the holder, since usually go not only the repair costs for the vehicle, but also the costs of the accident opponent to the burden of the owner.

Function of a speed limiter

A speed limiter works in different ways. The function of a gasoline engine is in the form that the fuel supply is interrupted. It is also possible to interrupt the ignition. At the present time, speed limiters are often firmly integrated into the electronic control units of the engines. This automatically results in a reduction of the amount of fuel. Even with diesel engines or gas turbines the course is similar. The main task of a rev limiter is to minimize the risk that the mechanics will be destroyed if a maximum, critical speed is exceeded. In addition, increased wear is avoided. If you are interested in removing a speed limit during autotuning, you should always be aware that the operating condition of a vehicle is no longer complied with by a distance.

JDEngineering Seat Leon 1.8t Chiptuning 4 Caution: Raise or remove the rev limiter

In the course of increasing the speed you should replace important components such as pistons and connecting rods, the camshaft or the valve springs with components that can withstand the higher loads. In short: Who raises the maximum speed of the engine should adjust all the components that feel this load. In the course of a comprehensive tuning that can be quite useful. Up to this step, however, other modifications such as chip tuning, improved intake or an expansion of the displacement are certainly more useful.

964 Tuning 911 Caution: Raise or remove the rev limiter

Of course that had not happened yet!

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