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Info: A license plate does not have to be expensive!

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Many road users attach great importance to an individual license plate. It offers identification potential and emphasizes belonging to your own motor vehicle. On site at the admissions office, however, you are often faced with long waiting times and sometimes high costs. In the following text you will find some useful tips and information on how to get your personal license plate quickly and cheaply.

Desired indicator / requirements

Check your license plate Requirements Info: A license plate does not have to be expensive!

If you have decided to install a license plate of your choice on your vehicle, you only have to plan an additional fee. And of course the desired combination of letters and numbers must still be available. It goes without saying that the combination must comply with the applicable law. So none are allowed prohibited combinations are used and, as is common in the USA, whole words are also prohibited. In Germany, license plates cannot be fully customized. The distinguishing sign of the registration district is fixed and cannot be changed. Only the identification number of the following letters and numbers can be adjusted. Umlauts such as Ä, Ö and Ü must not be used and the second part, which is based on a number, must not start with a zero. So there will be no label like "A - B 0815". A whole word would only be feasible separately - for example "A - UA 111". A wish indicator can (if approved) with a short license plate be combined.

Ordering online saves time and money

Check the desired number plate Requirements 4 Info: A desired number plate does not have to be expensive!

In the best case, reserve your desired license plate in advance and buy the appropriate signs online from one of the many providers. The desired number can then be reserved online at the admissions office, which eliminates the burdensome administrative work for you. This service is already possible at most registration offices. In the future, too entire process can be carried out completely online be. You can also buy the right sign on site at one of the many sign stands. These are often in the immediate vicinity of the admissions office. However, these are rarely cheap and the service also leaves something to be desired, with most providers. In addition, you sometimes feel like you are at a fair, where the cheapest prices and the best quality are loudly announced. You are better advised here if you order your sign directly online.

What to do in the event of theft

Check your license plate Requirements 5 e1595413985930 Info: A license plate does not have to be expensive!

If your desired number plate has been stolen, you should act directly. The loss or theft should be reported directly to the police. Of course, this does not only apply to a license plate of your choice, but generally if the license plate is stolen from the vehicle. It is not uncommon for crimes to be stolen, such as refueling without paying, with stolen license plates. So if you do not report the loss of your license plate directly, you will be faced with annoying paperwork in the event of a crime and may still find it difficult to explain. If your license plate has definitely been stolen, you need some documents. On the one hand, the certificate of notification to the police, an affidavit of the vehicle owner, the identity card, the examination report of the last main inspection, and both parts of the registration certificate (formerly known as vehicle registration and vehicle registration). With these documents you will then make your way to the admissions office.

Have you just lost the license plate you want?

License plate theft stolen Info: A license plate does not have to be expensive!

If you are sure that you have only lost your desired number plate, then you must fill out a so-called loss certificate. Many admission offices offer you a pre-made form, which you only need to fill out. With this you are legally on the safe side in any case. With this form, the keeper of the vehicle confirms on oath that he has only lost his license plate and also assures the registration authority that this license plate is not pledged, confiscated, secured or otherwise knowingly stored. Before you start your journey to the appropriate authority, you should know that your stolen License plate is blocked for at least 5 years if lost. And of course you should not drive the affected car to the registration office without the license plates, but commit yourself to an alternative. The blocking for 5 years also precludes you from being able to apply for your previous license plate within the next 5 years. For this reason, a loss is particularly annoying.

Which costs arise?

Regarding the exact costs that you as a vehicle owner will face, unfortunately no exact information can be given. They can vary considerably depending on the municipality or registration office. Usual prices for applying for new vehicle papers range from 20 to 30 euros. In addition, the costs for the new license plates are incurred. As already mentioned, you can save a little by switching to an online order. You can find more information about license plate theft HERE!

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