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Enhance the look of the seat with a new seat cover!

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Seat cover carbon seat cover seat shell cover Tuning e1610539667109 With a new seat cover upgrade the seat optically!

If you want to change the look of your seats in the vehicle, you can choose from various Cover To fall back on. But we don't mean any coversthat are simply pulled over the seats. The disguises that we mean are more aimed at that All around instead of the seat itself. For example, we mean high quality Seat coverings Carbonthat have a modern design and are painted several times to protect the surface. The cover parts are specific for Standard seats or for Sports seats available for visual enhancement. Such a cover comes depending on the seat simply on top or the standard parts are against the new panels exchanged. High quality and shiny carbon parts are then used frequently dull, scratched or dull Plastic parts exchanged. Visually, the upgrading of the seats is incomparable, so tuning is definitely worthwhile.

Which seating areas cover?

2020 ABT Sportsline Audi RS5 Coupe B9 Tuning 10 Enhance the look of the seat with a new seat cover!

In general, the Handle- and Leverage areas (so to speak, the seat console) on the seats by corresponding Aperture, for example from Carbon or painted in body color, to be disguised. In addition, the Lean back and the headrests receive such a cover on the seats. For a number of years, trim parts made from real carbon have been particularly popular. A sturdy plastic material is used Carbon laminated und mit clearcoat painted over. For protection are on the individual parts many layers of paint applied, which protects the components from scratches. The coating varnishes versiegeln the material and are UV-resistant. Of course there are also covers 100% real carbon. As a rule, only the price is decisive here.

When installing the new trim parts for the seats, the original trim parts either become simple abgenom financing or the cover comes darüb is. As a rule, however, especially in the lower part of the seats, the factory seat panels are completely replaced by the high-quality accessory panels exchanged. The Original attachment points used to the new Fairing parts properly and inklusive Switches and to leverage (by the way also replaced can be) to be able to attach. This securely attaches the new panels. In the area of ​​the backrest, a cover is usually placed on the factory-made backrest screwed or glued is.

Available for many vehicles / seats

Special companies that specialize in covering options for seats have specialized, offer such components. The fact that the vehicle manufacturers offer their vehicles in a wide variety of equipment variants and with countless seats is a must for one Replacement of the panels Pay close attention to the vehicle model. Otherwise, the new panels can not be to be assembled. In particular, the parts then do not fit on the existing ones Original attachment pointsrequired for proper and safe assembly. Because of this must before the purchase of new seat covers are checked carefully whether the selected covers are also suitable for the relevant vehicle / seat are appropriate. A precise examination of the corner points is essential for the cladding to fit.

Seat trim carbon seat cover seat shell cover Tuning 1 e1610539825588 With a new seat trim upgrade the look of the seat!

What else should you watch out for?

Care should be taken that the cover comes with a Approvals are equipped and in no case the Operation from the seat and in particular integrated airbags. If, for example, an already installed seat is to be upgraded with such a cover by a third party, it is primarily recommended for Manufacturer/Model to seek a solution from the seat. The same applies to a standard seat. There are definitely Vehicle manufacturer, who offer such covers as accessories. Is the exchange From the seat before so it is advisable, with regard to the new sports seat, to pay attention to a model that has the desired look directly brings along. Recaro, Cobra, King, Bride & Co. have almost all models varnished or for example with Visible carbon look Releases. In this case such a cover is not necessary. Suppliers of various seat covers are Eventuri, AutoTecknic, MK-Motorsport, Boca etc.

Seat cover carbon seat cover seat shell cover Tuning 2 With a new seat cover upgrade the look of the seat!

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Seat cover carbon seat cover seat shell cover Tuning 3 With a new seat cover upgrade the look of the seat!

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