Be seen better! Possibilities for tuning the turn signals.

Autotuning is superficially about visually altering your vehicle to stand out from the crowd, while preserving the basic features of the model. At least that's our way of thinking! Like our Category tuning fails shows, but it is also different. In addition to changing the body, the interior and the electrical and mechanical components, the lighting system is also available and can significantly affect the appearance of the vehicle. A partial aspect of the lighting system are the flashing lights that can be upgraded with modern LED flashing strips, for example.

Tuning the turn signals of the car?

Older vehicle models often have normal halogen bulbs installed as turn signals. But tuning is about setting technical highlights as well. This also means upgrading the technical equipment of a vehicle with modern means accordingly. The replacement of the normal turn signal light against LED turn signals or even with modern indicator strips would be such an upgrade. With regard to the taillights, the luminaire covers can still be replaced by clear glass or black glass covers in order to further enhance the effect. And in addition to the normal turn signal, dynamic turn signals can be blocked accordingly, which are now more and more on the rise. Thus can be achieved by technical changes to the flashing system corresponding tuning effects.

Advantages of tuning the turn signals?

An advantage of tuning the turn signal system is that you can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd even more. Upgrading with modern light sources not only makes the tuning object look better, it also allows for significant visual effects to be achieved with relatively little effort. An improved turn signal system with more powerful lights also makes the signals more visible to other road users and thus increases the signal effect when turning or driving Hazard lights. This increases road safety for both sides. Replacing the bulbs is relatively easy and usually doesn't require a major change to the electrical system. Ready-made installation kits with bulbs, frame and wiring, including installation instructions, make the plug & play conversion almost always child's play.

Disadvantages of tuning the turn signals on the car?

One drawback to tuning the direction indicators for the car is that you have to invest money and time to install. Also, there are not for all models corresponding modern turn signal / blinker strips, etc. In the case of a custom order, the investment costs are correspondingly higher and often, the special production are also very difficult to operate legally. A single purchase is then denied either completely equal, or it is in the range of several thousand euros.

What to look for when tuning the turn signals?

It is important to ensure that you use high quality materials to have a reliable turn signal system. Furthermore, one should take care that the new turn signal system for the vehicle is legally permissible and of course fully compatible with the car. Furthermore, you should pay attention during installation to the correct installation and the correct wiring to have a functioning turn signal system and to avoid short circuits. Furthermore, the new plant should have a General operating permit (or E-labeling), so you can use them in public roads. The possibilities are almost unlimited, but only the smallest part is allowed. In case of doubt you have to ask a DEKRA or TÜV testing center for advice.

Installation and connection better by a specialist

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