Isuzu Motors was founded by 1937 in Shinagawa, Japan, and is an automaker for trucks, buses, cars and vans. Through a very close cooperation with General Motors the development of own vehicles is rather small, Isuzu concentrates here on license buildings of the brands of the automobile giant. The complete in-house developments, such as the Isuzu 117 coupe, were technically and visually appealing to the buyers. At the beginning of production, the models were still hand-assembled, which excused the low sales figures in the first three years. In Germany, especially the first generation of the Isuzu D-Max SUV made it to the market, due to the design and the power are and these models were often subjected to a technical vehicle tuning, but also the structure and the entire design are on small and larger tuning -Shows now and then to see. Due to the close entanglement with GM Isuzu could not gain a foothold internationally and limited here to small series and niches, which does not serve the large car maker GM.

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