Mitsubishi is a Japanese automaker based in Tokyo. The company's history began in 1870 with the establishment of a shipping company. Mitsubishi means "3 diamonds". These can still be found in the car manufacturer's logo today. Mitsubishi built the first vehicles as early as 1917, but Mitsubishi Motors Corporation was not founded until 1970. The first automobile that Mitsubishi brought onto the market was the Model A. The first Mitsubishi after the war was the Mitsubishi 500. This formed the basis for the future rise to one of the largest Japanese automobile manufacturers. The final breakthrough came with the Colt 600 and the Colt 1000. In 1971 Mitsubishi began a successful collaboration with Chrysler, This led to the introduction of the Mitsubishi Galant. With the changing times Tuning became more and more popular among the Mitsubishi drivers. There are regular Mitsubishi meetings where auto tuning fans from around the world come together.

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