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With the right socket set for more sportiness!

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Bushing set undercarriage bushes undercarriage bearing e1600400239825 With the right bushing set for more sportiness!

The bearings and bushings of a vehicle are subject to enormous loads. The vehicle components are extremely stressed, especially in the chassis area. The stressed parts should generally be serviced and, depending on the model and component, replaced. If you want to modify and individualize your vehicle, you can replace various bearings and bushings with tuning components. Sockets from the tuning area are intended to optimize the chassis and, depending on the area of ​​application, have a positive effect on the vehicle's driving behavior.

Sporty driving with tuning sockets

Gunther Werks 400R Porsche 911 933 Mexico Blue Restomod Tuning 5 With the right socket set for more sportiness!

Tuning sockets are often harder than the original automotive parts and are usually used in conjunction with a modified one landing gear utilized. Bushings and bearings from the tuning area are mainly used for a sporty chassis and they should improve the driving experience. A wide range of different sockets can be found on the market.

Why are the landing gear bushings soft at the factory?

Bushing set undercarriage bushings undercarriage bearing 3 e1600400220191 With the right bushing set for more sportiness!

Bushings are usually installed in the factory in soft versions. The reason for this is driving comfort. Buyers should be able to drive comfortably and a sporty driving style is not always considered. The soft socket connections have some play and this in turn ensures that the forces acting on the vehicle wheel and chassis falsified become. The chassis reacts more slowly than a sporty one would. The play of the socket connections can be reduced by tuning sockets and the chassis reacts more sportily. The tuner can exhaust the chassis with the appropriate sockets.

Bushings and bearings - what to look for when buying?

Bushing set undercarriage bushings undercarriage bearing 34 e1600400277159 With the right bushing set for more sportiness!

When buying tuning bearings and bushings, attention should be paid to high-quality components. The range of tuning parts is large and compatibility with the chassis must be given. Tuning sockets and bearings can be ordered and installed directly online or from the tuner on site. Before buying, you should pay attention to the legal requirements when changing from original to tuning parts. It is advertised that the car can be fitted with the new sockets by tuners themselves. However, it is advisable to ONLY have the bushings and bearings installed by specialists in order to have an optimal and, above all, safe driving experience.

Rigid sockets in racing and tuning

Rigid bushings and high quality bearings are also used in racing. Rubber bushings, as they are often installed at the factory, lead to deviations from caster, toe and camber values. In road traffic, when driving is designed for comfort, the deviations only play a subordinate role. In the racing sector, however, it is important that the values ​​are adhered to exactly and that there is no game. Rigid bushings and bearings for racing and tuning reduce play and the set values ​​are maintained. Instead of rubber bushings, rigid variants are therefore used for a race. A sporty driving style is important in both the racing and tuning areas.

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BMW M8 Competition KW Variant 4 coilover kit 1 With the right socket set for more sportiness!

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Streetrace Nissan GT R vs. Mitsubishi Evo IX 310x165 With the right socket set for more sportiness!

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Steering angle kit Droft Lock kit Tuning 6 310x165 With the right socket set for more sportiness!

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Wheel Rack Tuning Tire Rack Tire Rack 310x165 With the right socket set for more sportiness!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 With the right socket set for more sportiness!

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