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Tuning differently - the crazy upside-down car

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Upside down car flipped over upside down car e1585801386850 Tuning the crazy upside down car

There are a few resourceful car enthusiasts in the tuning scene who come up with new, eye-catching gimmicks to make their vehicle stand out or stand out from the rest of the world. Oversized rear spoiler, sports car lowered to the asphalt or an entire car in leather look - the creativity of tuning knows no bounds. This is also the case with the so-called "Upside-down car". As the name suggests, this is an upside-down vehicle - better said, it should give the impression that it is upside down. Of course, the car is not simply turned around - there is more to it. And the idea is even more complex than a so-called one Face Swap and also much more difficult to accomplish.

Twisted world, twisted car

Upside down car flipped over upside down car 2 tuning the crazy upside down car

With the "upside-down car", the vehicle is subjected to an extensive, almost complete conversion. For this purpose, the car usually has to be completely dismantled into its individual parts - including the engine block, tires, chassis and body. Often even spare parts or another vehicle model are needed as a parts dispenser. The process is extremely individual depending on the car and model, but remains one thing - costly. The body is dismantled and mirrored, from the passenger cell to the engine compartment, in order not only to fool the visual trick of the car upside down, but in the best case to be able to show a fully functional vehicle. The conversion is not only limited to the body - a second set of tires is also necessary and on the top appropriate.

better use an old car for the conversion

Upside down car flipped over upside down car 3 tuning the crazy upside down car

In order to keep the car drivable, older models are more suitable for such a Herculean task than the latest, technically highly developed cars. The reason is as simple as it is practical - older vehicles are simply not as complicated as their modern successors and also not as expensive. There are neither elaborately wired electronics nor sophisticated motors that can only be understood and dismantled in the in-house workshop. Even with older cars, an enormous technical understanding is required, but the undertaking is basically more feasible. However, if you now feel compelled to give your vehicle this special kind of tuning, you have to be prepared for a few hours of work - depending on the model, several hours can be done thousand Hours of free time are planned to make the impossible possible.

And what does the examiner say about the upside-down car?

Anyone who converts their car in this way certainly has other thoughts than successfully getting it through the next general inspection. It is uncertain whether this is even possible in Germany - there are too few cases of an inverted vehicle in this country to confirm with certainty or to deny it in principle. In other countries the whole thing looks more optimistic - in the USA, for example, such “upside-down cars” have already been approved for road traffic. In Germany, however, the curiosities tend to be exhibits with collector's value. If all safety-relevant properties are still present, there are no dangerous places on the vehicle (the additional wheelset makes it difficult) and if the exhaust-gas regulations are still complied with, legal operation may also be possible in Germany. A general statement can never be made. Incidentally, approval for a so-called is almost hopeless Sideway car!

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A noticeable difference: the relief and structural foiling

Relief structure film 3D film 310x165 Tuning with a twist the crazy upside down car

From cartoon to reality - the cartoon car conversion!

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Controlled driving off-road - downhill control

Downhill control Downhill help HDC message 3x310 Tuning the crazy upside down car

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