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Important information about e-bike insurance!

E bike insurance theft 2

Pedelecs, i.e. bicycles with motor support of up to 25 km/h, are legally considered to be bicycles and are therefore usually covered by regular household contents insurance. However, there are numerous situations in which the insurance company may not or only partially grabs. In the event of theft, those affected can then be left without compensation, which often means a loss of several thousand euros given the high costs of e-bikes. The Consumer Center North Rhine-Westphalia therefore recommends checking the existing insurance cover and expanding it if necessary. But what is there to consider with e-bike insurance?

Gaps in household contents insurance can lead to problems

E-bike thefts are not uncommon, and many home insurance policies offer coverage in such cases no adequate protection. Although household contents insurance generally covers the loss of the e-bike around the clock, this only applies to Burglary theft. In practice this means, that the bikes must be stored in a locked room such as the basement or garage. If there is a shared bicycle storage room in the building, the e-bike must be there with its own lock be secured.

However, even if these conditions are met, problems can arise. Older insurance policies sometimes do not cover the night hours between 22 p.m. and 6 a.m. And there is another risk with regard to the amount of coverage. Although the replacement value, which corresponds to the new value, is replaced, this amount is often limited by a percentage rule. For example, if the total sum insured is €100.000 and one percent of this is for the bicycle, no more than €1.000 will be paid out, which is usually not enough for a new pedelec. These things should be checked in the current insurance policy.

Special e-bike insurance can be beneficial

The situation becomes even more risky if the e-bike is stolen on the way or in front of the house. In such cases, household contents insurance covers the "simple theft“ Often not. There are exceptions, for example if the bike was parked securely in front of a shop you were in, but don't rely on that. Incidentally, a permanently mounted frame lock is not sufficient in most cases. With expensive e-bikes, it can therefore make sense to take out household contents insurance, the so-called bicycle clause to expand or to take out special bicycle insurance.

These special insurances often offer additional services, such as the assumption of repair costs. Whether such insurance is worthwhile, however, should be checked individually by everyone, taking into account the value of the bike and their personal circumstances. A comprehensive assessment of your own situation and the various insurance options can help ensure the best possible protection for the valuable e-bike and minimize financial losses in the event of theft or damage.

What is the so-called bicycle clause?

The bicycle clause is a regulation in household insurance that extends the insurance cover for bicycles. It states that bicycles are insured even when parked outside the home, provided they are properly secured. The bicycle clause usually only applies for certain times and up to a maximum compensation limit.

E bike insurance theft

common e-bike insurance for e-bikes & pedelecs:

E-bike insurances are special insurances for electric bikes that cover damage or theft. There are various providers of e-bike insurance in Germany that have different services and prices. Here are some examples:

  • In Allianz offers e-bike insurance, which includes liability insurance and accident insurance in addition to theft protection. The premium depends on the value of the e-bike and the selected term.
  • In AXIS offers e-bike insurance that, in addition to theft protection, also includes partial comprehensive insurance that covers damage caused by fire, storms, hail or vandalism. The premium depends on the value of the e-bike and the deductible chosen.
  • In HUK Coburg offers e-bike insurance that, in addition to theft protection, also includes fully comprehensive insurance that covers damage caused by accidents or personal negligence. The premium depends on the age of the e-bike and the selected term.
  • In Wurttemberg offers e-bike insurance that, in addition to theft protection, also includes roadside assistance that provides a towing service or a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown or an accident. The premium depends on the value of the e-bike and the selected coverage amount.

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