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De-throttling the scooter and the meaning of throttling!

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De-throttling the scooter and the meaning of throttling!

When is it allowed to override the mechanical speed lock, the so-called throttling, of the scooter and what is the purpose of this? New driver scooter riders often wish they could drive their vehicle faster can drive. Motor scooters and motor scooters are usually equipped with a so-called throttling sold. This means that the top speed they could normally go at is limited to a certain limit was downgraded. But what is actually the reason why the manufacturers reduce the speed of the vehicles? And can the speed limit be reversed? And if so, is the cancellation legal? The following guide will answer these questions and other questions about tuning the scooter.

Motor scooter/scooter tuning

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  1. Information on scooter dethrottling
  2. Legally remove throttling from scooter?
  3. Which driving license category for single-track motorcycles?
  4. Tuning Scooter: Speed ​​Block Removal!
  5. Electrical limitation
    - Remove CDI limitation
  6. Limitation by means of a gas slide stop
    - Remove the limit on the throttle slide stop
  7. Limitation with a spacer ring
    - Remove spacer ring
  8. Limitation using throttle discs
    - Removal of throttle discs
  9. exhaust throttling
    - Exhaust throttling
  10. Limitation at the intake manifold
  11. Air filter limitation
  12. Throttling using the carburetor
  13. Ways to remove the speed limit
  14. Conclusion on tuning the scooter!
  15. What punishment is threatened?

Information on scooter dethrottling

What do you mean by "throttling"? The maximum speed of the vehicle that is technically possible through a lock limited. But what is the reason why the vehicles are throttled? The driver's license class with which the vehicle may be driven writes a certain specified power cap in front. But what are the consequences if the vehicle exceeds the specified maximum speed limit? If you own one AM or A1 driver's license and are driving the vehicle at a speed higher than the maximum permitted speed, do so Driving without a license guilty. You can use one for that fine or even imprisonment be occupied. In addition, the current driver's license should to be confiscated."Back to overview

Legally remove throttling from scooter?

Obtaining the driving license of the class AM with 15 years or the class A1 at the age of 16 gives the holder the right to drive a moped, a moped or a scooter. This makes you more mobile and allows you to move around more freely. However, for many, the joy is only short-lived, because the built-in speed limiters in the vehicles mean that they cannot really drive them very quickly. The speed limits, however, have a reason: the two driver's license classes only allow driving vehicles that meet certain requirements. applies to them an upper limit on performance, which must not be exceeded by the vehicle. The driving license is therefore not valid for vehicles with more power. If you drive a more powerful vehicle with an AM or A1 driving license, you do it Driving without a license guilty. He can therefore be punished with a large fine or a year in prison. And as already mentioned, the existing driver's license is then gone for the time being."Back to overview

De-throttling the scooter and the meaning of throttling!

Which driving license category do you need for smaller, single-track motorcycles?

  • Category AM driving licence: A license of this category entitles you to drive a two or three-wheel vehicle with a maximum cylinder capacity of 50 cubic centimeters and an Top speed of 45 km / h to drive. These vehicles include smaller motorcycles such as mopeds, mopeds and scooters.
  • Category A1 driving licence: With a driver's license in this class, you are permitted to drive motorcycles with a cubic capacity up to 125 cubic centimeters to drive. The engine power of the vehicles is on 11 kW (15 PS) limited. A category A1 driver's license is also valid for the vehicles with the category driver's license AM may be driven.

You can get an AM driving license at the age of 15 and an A1 driving license at the age of 16. With these two driver's license classes, however, no vehicles be driven with a higher performance. In order to enable the target group to drive the mopeds, the vehicles have to be throttled."Back to overview

Scooter tuning: speed lock removal!

When removing the speed limit on the scooter, one speaks of Scooter tuning. A legal upper limit for the maximum speed is prescribed for small-engine motorcycles. The speed can be throttled with different techniques. "Back to overview

Electrical limitation

When the electric limit is the ignition of the scooter throttled. When the engine speed has reached a certain predetermined value, the spark is prevented by the electrical throttle. The engine is now idling and because the fuel is no longer being burned, the speed cannot increase either. When the engine speed has dropped back to the permitted level, the ignition mechanism is switched on again. The entire ignition of a scooter also becomes short Permanent called, which is English for Capacitor Discharging Ignition."Back to overview

Limitation using the throttle slide stop

This type of throttle is often used on scooters. The throttle stop is located on the scooter's carburetor and prevents the throttle grip from turning all the way. In this way it is impossible for the driver to go full throttle. The speed cannot be increased beyond a certain value."Back to overview

Limitation using the spacer ring

The gearbox is responsible for this type of throttling. You can find one on modern scooters and mopeds today Variomatik. It is a belt drive with power transmission via flexible V-belts. Several belts are pulled over pairs of pulleys. Changing the distance increases or decreases the transmission of power between the motor and the drive. The way the belt transmission works is similar to the way a bicycle shifts. When shifting down on a bicycle, the rear part of the chain jumps into one of the outer rows of teeth. Although the same force is used, this increases the speed. The transmission converts the combustion energy to a certain extent into kinetic energy. If a spacer ring is installed between the variator and the belt pulleys, the power transmission will be affected. The spacer rings ensure that the V-belt does not get onto the outermost pulley. This prevents the vehicle from reaching its full speed. The achievable speed is thus limited to a fixed maximum speed."Back to overview

Limitation using throttle discs

The latest developments are that the gearing of a scooter can be changed in such a way that the overall performance is reduced. With this method, a throttle disk – an axial travel limiter – can be mounted on the variator of the variomatic system. Thanks to this throttle disc, the riser disc cannot rise too far. The power transmission cannot be fully exploited and the performance of the scooter is limited."Back to overview

exhaust throttling

Manufacturers also have the option of restricting the performance of the smaller motorcycles by changing the exhaust system. There are several ways to do this:

  • taper of the manifold
  • Narrowing at the rear silencer
  • constriction at the inlet

In the first variant, the connection of the pipes between the engine and the exhaust system is narrowed, which reduces the cross-section of the manifold. This prevents too many gases from being vented into the system to be burned. This reduces performance. This method can also be used at the exhaust inlet that follows the manifold or at the rear muffler. These changes reduce the maximum possible performance of the vehicle."Back to overview

Limitation at the intake manifold

Manufacturers can also modify the intake manifold to limit the scooter's performance. The intake manifold, which is located between the carburetor and the crankcase, can be narrowed in such a way that the full performance of the vehicle is no longer achieved and a certain speed can no longer be exceeded. The principle is similar to exhaust throttling."Back to overview

Limitation using the air filter

The scooter manufacturers use a “snorkel” to change the amount of air supplied to the engine cylinder. Since only a small amount of oxygen gets into the internal combustion engine, less fuel is burned. The scooter will not ignite until there is the correct mixture of oxygen and fuel in the cylinder. This ratio varies depending on engine power, design and vehicle model. The vehicle's ignition is triggered by structural changes and software settings determined by the manufacturer. All other components are matched in this regard. A scooter with these adjustments only burns a predetermined amount of fuel. Due to the lower supply of air, the performance is limited."Back to overview

Throttling using the carburetor

The engine performance of the scooter can also be increased by installing a smaller carburetor be limited. The actual fuel consumption is thus reduced and, in addition, the engine power cannot be fully used. The options for reducing the speed are often used in combination. So no individual changes are made, but three or more different options are combined with each other. In this way it is not that easyto tune out the throttling."Back to overview

What are the options for overriding the scooter speed limit?

De-throttling the scooter and the meaning of throttling!

Young drivers in particular are often dissatisfied with the reduced performance of their vehicles. They often try to increase the performance of the vehicle by making small changes in order to reach up to 25 km/h instead of 45 to 150 km/h and to increase the engine power to +20 kW. In some vehicles this is actually possible. The types of speed and power limitations described above allow for a few ways to circumvent them. But the fact that it is possible to nullify these limitations makes the nullification not legal! Depending on the design, the throttle can be removed in different ways on a scooter. "Back to overview

Remove CDI limitation

CDI throttling has been used since 2002 to reduce the performance of mopeds. This can through the Replacing the throttled CDI be lifted against an unrestricted CDI. It can even be simply disconnected on older models. When removing the electronic limitation, however, the following must be observed:

  • The driving license: To drive a moped with more power, you need a category A2 or A driving licence.
  • The decrease: The change of the vehicle must be checked by TÜV by individual acceptance and the changes must be entered in the registration certificate part 1 (vehicle registration). You should seek advice before any conversion measures, which documents you need for this and which regulations you have to observe.

Removing the electric CDI limiter on the vehicle without the relevant documents automatically leads to Expiry of the operating license for the vehicle (B violation). You may be fined 50 euros for this violation. In addition to the expiry of the permit, the insurance also expires. If you have an AM or A1 driver's license and circumvent the CDI restriction, the scooter modified in this way is no longer permitted on your driver's license. If you are stopped by the police, you will fulfill the crime of Driving without a license. According to Section 21 of the Criminal Code (StVG), you face heavy fines up to a year in prison for this offence. The same should be considered when overriding the throttle on your scooter in other ways."Back to overview

Remove the limitation of the scooter at the throttle slide stop

The throttle slide stop is located inside the carburetor. Removing this throttling is quite laborious and should only be performed by qualified personnel. But even in this case, not every modification is legal. Find out beforehand from a car workshop or from one of the testing organizations. The change must be checked and entered in the vehicle registration document, otherwise the license to operate the vehicle will expire. If the scooter or moped is de-throttled using the throttle slide stop, the manual throttle can be used turn it all the way up. So there is no longer a lock. To prevent the engine from overrevving, the spacer rings should also be removed from the vehicle at the same time. Over-revving the engine can damage the vehicle."Back to overview

Remove the spacer ring on the scooter

As described above, the performance of the engine can also be Spacers be downgraded. These spacers are fairly easy to remove when tuning. The spacer ring is removed from the variator for dethrottling. The V-belts can then also switch completely to the outside, which increases the power transmission and increases the speed to over 100 km/h in some cases. Attention! The mopeds are not built for high speeds. Your driving stability is only guaranteed at low speeds. A higher speed automatically endangers road safety, especially since the braking systems are not designed for higher speeds. The lack of road safety can lead to accidents and falls."Back to overview

Removal of the throttle discs

The scooter can also be de-throttled by removing the axial travel limiter. To do this, the throttle disc is unscrewed from the variator. As a result, the riser disc moves more extensively and power transmission improves."Back to overview

De-throttling on the scooter exhaust

This type of throttling is fairly easy to remove. The exhaust manifold and possibly the rear silencer (or just the ESD) are simply against unrestricted variants exchanged. However, these changes must also be certified, otherwise the license to operate the vehicle and the insurance will expire. That makes about one possible Teilegutachten or ABE Among other things, as the environment is polluted by higher emissions and more noise, further penalties can result. And this type of tuning is usually not very effective, since all components of the vehicle are performance-matched to each other. By replacing the manifold, the exhaust system is not automatically designed for the newer, larger one and the performance may not be increased anyway. Basically, only the replacement of the entire exhaust system makes sense and this should be done with a corresponding one Chiptuning to be connected. The same applies when tuning the air filter and other areas."Back to overview

Conclusion on tuning the scooter!

Before removing the speed limits on your scooter, let the TÜV, DEKRA and other inspection bodies check you consult. These can inform you which modifications are practical and legal. The specialist staff in specialist workshops should also be able to advise you accordingly. Unless you are a vehicle mechanic yourself, leave the modifications to your scooter to an auto repair shop, otherwise you could do a lot of damage. And keep in mind that not everything that can possibly be done can actually be done permissible and legal. Don't put your vehicle license and insurance at risk just to drive a little faster. This applies primarily to drivers with a class driving license AM and A1. If your scooter no longer meets the requirements for these license classes after a conversion, you can be guilty of driving without a license. If you then want to get a driver's license at 18, you might run into problems (Keyword: retraining or loss of license). Also, keep in mind the conversions and modifications to your vehicle to be approved by an inspection body and have it changed in the vehicle documents. You will receive a test certificate from the test center if the conversions are legal. Based on the test certificate, the responsible registration authority enters the changes in your vehicle registration document."Back to overview

What is the penalty for illegal de-throttling of a scooter?

charge Strafe Points
Driving illegal vehicle 25 Euros
... and harming the environment in the process 90 Euros
... and in doing so impair road safety 90 Euros 1
Driving without a valid operating license 50 Euros
... and in doing so impair road safety 90 Euros 1
Driving without a license fine or imprisonment
of up to one year
"Back to overview

De-throttling the scooter and the meaning of throttling!

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