1966 "Fake" Shelby Mustang Restomod as "Speedster"!

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1966 Ford Mustang Speedster Restomod 1

Actually, it's (almost) never a pretty sight when someone takes a first-generation Ford Mustang and makes extensive body modifications. And this time, too, the conversion is a clear “a matter of taste". But at least there was no widebody kit or various additional spoilers on the vehicle, but a conversion to the "Speedster". And we like it to some extent for an unknown reason. Sure, the ultimate Mustang purists will continue to shake their heads, but there's no question that the "Restomod" is at least interesting. What we have here is a converted one 1966 Ford Mustang Speedster. Yes, a speedster! Because, as you can easily see, the Windshield shortened. And of course they too A pillars, which unfortunately extremely ugly side mirror carry. Those are gone too side windows, resulting in a 100% open-air experience. Incidentally, the unique piece is currently on Bring a trailer auctioned. And since we already spoke of a "Restomod conversion" at the beginning, it is clear that even more changes have been made.

Ford Mustang Speedster

For example, the classic got a body kit after all. The layman only notices this at second glance. The so-called Mustang Plus Ronster body kit as an individual is relatively inconspicuous. But there were more changes. For example, the vehicle is in the classic Sonic Blue Pearl Metallic and with white racing stripes painted and also the new one Tonneau cover is in body color.

In addition to the already mentioned changes to the windshield, the ABC columns and corresponding modifications to the doors 17 inch alloy wheels with spinner lids as well as with Nexan and Zeta tires. And one too Shelby style hood with power dome, one Shelby tailgate with ducktail spoiler, air intakes on the side walls and one right / left sports exhaust system are installed. There is an Interior black vinyl bucket seats that match the dashboard, door panels and carpets. The dashboard also has a Stainless steel surface.

C4 three-speed automatic transmission

And a JVC AM/FM/CD radio with four Explosion subwoofersVarious Shelby badges and an Three-spoke steering wheel are not missing either. And then there's the drive. Under the hood sits Exchange 302cc Cobra V8 engine with a Sportluftfilter and Valve covers of the Cobra brand and an electronic one MSD ignition. Also an Edelbrock Crankcase ventilation is installed. While we're not sure how much power the engine produces, the power is distributed across a C4 three-speed automatic transmission, which turn the power to the Rear wheels sends. In terms of GT350 badges However, the motorization is a bit poor, as we find it. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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1966 Ford Mustang Speedster Restomod!
Photo credit: Bring a Trailer

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