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BMW M4 (G82) with Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit: ultra-cool design!

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BMW M4 (G82) with Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit: ultra-cool design!

The BMW M4 (G82), already on the market for three years, has undergone a comprehensive transformation through the complex GTS-V aerodynamic package Find out from the tuner Vorsteiner. The BMW M4 Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit, which aims to redefine the performance and appearance of the high-performance coupe, includes a variety of components, including one Bonnet with air openings and one massive, fixed rear wing. The individually manufactured components are made of Carbon manufactured, which not only reduces weight, but also adds additional drama to the M4's aggressive design. In our opinion, the revision of the controversial ones is particularly present kidneys, which feature bold horizontal struts, flanked by slightly modified headlights yellow CSL-style daytime running lights.

BMW M4 Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit

The changes to the lights reflect the design language of the M4 CSL and the 3.0CSL reflected, but belong not automatically included in the scope of delivery of the GTS-V kit. The front section of the M4 Coupé is further enhanced by a front spoiler made of carbon and a revised bumper with modified ones air intakes added. And the side profile wasn't forgotten either: it's impressive massive side skirts and forged rims, which prominently fill the wheel arches in a format of 20 inches on the front axle and 21 inches at the rear. There is also a new one at the rear Carbon diffuser with a central vertical fin between the tailpipes. But the upgrades for the M4 aren't cheap. The front bumper already costs 4.503,40 EUR, while the hood with further 5.055,40 EUR to book.

Conversion is really expensive at around $23.000!

The carbon spoiler lip hits with additional 2.295,40 EUR to book. This is followed by the carbon kidney grill for proud ones 1.191,40 EUR, which is also available in glossy black for a lower price. The rear wing costs more 3.210,80 EUR, while Vorsteiner also has a less noticeable ducktail spoiler for 1.195,00 EUR has on offer. The diffuser mentioned above is for more 2.295,40 EUR listed. For the V-FF 107 rims, their complete set 2.520,80 EUR costs, there is an alternative in BMW's new Central locking wheels, which comes with a price of over 10.000,00 EUR however, are significantly more expensive.

BMW M4 (G82) with Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit: ultra-cool design!

Total cost of upgrades for the BMW M4:

  • Front bumper: 4.503,40 Euros ($ 4,895)
  • Engine Hood: 5.055,40 Euros ($ 5,495)
  • Carbon spoiler lip: 2.295,40 Euros ($ 2,495)
  • Carbon kidneys: 1.191,40 Euros ($1,295), alternatively in gloss black for 551,08 Euros ($ 599)
  • Rear spoiler: 3.210,80 Euros ($3,490), alternative decklid spoiler for 1.099,40 Euros ($ 1,195)
  • diffuser: 2.295,40 Euros ($ 2,495)
  • V-FF 107 rims: 2.520,80 Euros ($ 2,740)
  • Total costs Vorsteiner GTS-V Aero Kit: 21.072,60 Euros ($ 22,905).

BMW M4 (G82) with Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit: ultra-cool design!

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BMW M4 (G82) with Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit: ultra-cool design!

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BMW M4 (G82) with Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit: ultra-cool design!

BMW M4 (G82) with Vorsteiner GTS-V body kit: ultra-cool design!
Photo credit/source: Vorsteiner
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