Vorsteiner has apparently taken control of all PS numbers. Two turbos are just the beginning. If then even quality materials such as carbon come with it, so much the better. Subtle looks different. Just right for those who want something more aggressive. The best right to prove everything with their tuning. This will soon make 200 PS more powerful. It does not always have to be a sports car. Also limousines of BMW and Co. can benefit from this autotuning. When the rims are at their best in the sunlight and the wind is increasing, it borders on completion. Vorsteiner ensures that car owners come to their destination even more beautiful and faster. No matter if on the road or the racetrack. The Americans are known anyway for their tuner courage. So why not prove your courage when refining? Finally, under the bonnet is always a little more space for the incomparable sound. And then when a new body kit from Vorsteiner appears, one can assume that everything is held in the noble Sichtcarbon. There is more about the company vorsteiner.com.