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700 HP GP Infinitas BMW M2 Competition & M4!

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700 HP GP Infinitas BMW M2 Competition & M4!

As we have long known, the M2 is an incredible athlete in its class. And now there is even in the M2 even more performance! Namely by Dipl.-Ing. Christian Stöber together with his team from Infinitas. They present the Infinitas M2 Competition model year 2020 and the M4! Both have become an extreme portion stronger and now compete with a huge 700 PS and 900 NM torque.

M2 & M4 with more power than a muscle car

So you are on the level of a Mustang Shelby GT500 and even the over-Porsche "GT2 RS" has to line up with 700 PS and "only" 750 NM torque. In the case of the M2, the basis is of course again the Sport Coupé M2 as a competition model, which compared to the M2015 introduced in 2 with 370 hp by BMW was brought to 410 hp by means of an M4 engine. But with the upgrade from Infinitas, even the announced one sees M2 CS with 450 PS really old. In total, the tuner allows 5 expansion stages, which gradually the S55B30 six-cylinder in-line engine with bi-exhaust gas turbocharger Stage 1 on 500 PS & 680 NM, by means of Stage 1 + on 531 PS & 710 NM, by means of Stage 2 on 570 PS & 750 NM, by means of Stage 3 on 620 PS & 800 NM or as Stage 4 to strengthen to a maximum of 700 PS & 900 NM.

But such extreme performance naturally calls for extreme measures. So the engine mechanics are completely turned inside out and high-end turbochargers, high-performance coolers, a suitable exhaust system and in-house chip tuning of variant 4 are introduced. The reinforcement of the drive train, an additive injection up to the individual adjustment on the in-house roller test bench are of course self-evident.

on request with 20 chic customs

700 HP GP Infinitas BMW M2 Competition & M4!

With the 700 HP and 900 Nm torque already mentioned, the result is unrivaled in this class. The price of around € 35.000, however! But then you have the certainty of being able to keep up with thoroughbred super athletes like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS mentioned at the beginning, a McLaren 720S or a Ferrari 488 Pista. And the five-stage performance kit is available for all M vehicles with S55B30 engines. So also for the F80 M3, the F82 M4 and the limited M4 GTS. And how that looks like, you can find out by clicking on the following LINK. We currently have no further details on the BMW M2 Competition by infinitas. If we receive timely information on further changes not previously mentioned, there is of course an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new, you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures.

(Photos: GP infinitas GmbH)

Details about the BMW M2 Competition G2M Bi-Turbo:

  • Performance increase on 700 PS and 900 Nm torque
    - Chiptuning software V4
    - modified turbocharger
    - Downpipe without catalyst - stainless steel
    - Infinitas stainless steel exhaust system including 4 x 90 mm tailpipes
    - Central screw lock - crankshaft
    - Sport air filter
  • Top speed: over 330 km / h
  • 0-100 in about 3,2 seconds
  • Lowering optional with coilover suspension
  • installed on the vehicle from the video: 20 inch Hurricane RR forged wheel set with 245/30 R20 front axle (9 × 20) and 285/25 R20 rear axle (10,5 × 20) tires
  • optional: infinitas emblems on the front and back
  • optional: infinitas lettering

We still have many thousands more tuning reports on, if you wanted to see an excerpt then just click HERE. And also from the tuner GP infinitas GmbH we have a lot of other cars, here is a small excerpt:

Infinitas - more power for the BMW M2, Z4 & Mercedes AMG

700 HP GP Infinitas BMW M2 Competition & M4!

infinitas 650 PS BMW M6 V10 (E63) compressor

700 HP GP Infinitas BMW M2 Competition & M4!

Infinitas 750 PS BMW 135i (E82) Coupe in the test!

700 HP GP Infinitas BMW M2 Competition & M4!

700 HP GP Infinitas BMW M2 Competition!

BMW M4 F82 with 700 PS & 900 NM

Maybe there will soon be an update with information and pictures. If this is the case we will of course also put it online and inform you about it.

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