Video: crazy 610 PS in the classic Audi 80 Quattro (B2)

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Restomod Tuning Audi 80 Quattro B2 26 Video: crazy 610 PS in the classic Audi 80 Quattro (B2)

Back then the world was still fine. At the time when there was the Audi 80, which started with the first series as the B1 and is actually still sold today. Because basically the A4 leads (current model is the B9) continues the segment and has been competing more or less successfully against the competition from Mercedes (C-Class) and BMW (3 Series) for years. And the video embedded below is about them B2 generation (Type 81 with front-wheel drive, Type 85 with quattro all-wheel drive), which celebrated its debut in September 1978 and became one of the best-selling Audis in the company's history with well over 1,5 million vehicles sold.

Audi 80 Quattro (B2) with 610 PS

The top model was that Audi 80 quattro 5E with 100 kW (136 PS) thanks to 2144 cm³ five-cylinder (Engine code KK), which was the second Audi with permanent all-wheel drive. But there was more power in the series should not. So none of the vehicles was anywhere near as strong as this red one from the video. In this case, the basis for the conversion was a copy with Quattro all-wheel drive and it was built in the UK. The 1983 limo left the factory with the above 2,2-liter in-line five-cylinder vacuum cleaner and Paul's Classic Car Restoration Garage from England installed without further ado another engine with 610 PS (448 kW).

powerful five-cylinder S2 engine with turbocharger

Restomod Tuning Audi 80 Quattro B2 7 Video: crazy 610 PS in the classic Audi 80 Quattro (B2)

The vehicle is presented in the new LivingLifeFast video (Channel on YouTube) and in the good 20 minutes, particular attention is paid to the modifications received. There is a under the hood Five-cylinder S2 engine with turbocharging and the transmission comes from one Audi 200 US model. Surprisingly, many of the components are still in series production, again many components (electric windows, electric seats, etc.) completely new and ensure that the old B2 becomes a real one Restomod will. By the way, the owner of the B2 announces in the video that the car is the same power to weight ratio as a Pagani Zonda has.


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Audi 80 Quattro (B2) Restomod tuning project
Photo credit: Screenshots YouTube LivingLifeFast

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