Friday April 23, 2021

Akrapovic BMW M4 Coupe! Sound file ...

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Akrapovic has developed a sports exhaust system for the BMW M4 that is addicting. Anyone who hears this car is clear that the focus is not on the design of the lowering or the color of the car: "No" the focus is clearly on the sound of the six-cylinder M4.

cb no thumbnail Akrapovic BMW M4 Coupe! Soundfile ...

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(Video: Akrapovic)
The Slovenian exhaust system experts know how to market a product. By the way, this spot should also be seen by BMW because it also puts the BMW M4 F82 in the limelight. The video is a pleasure for fans of spectacular images and sounds.

Akrapovic BMW M4 2 Akrapovic BMW M4 Coupe! Sound File ...

Certainly one or the other was already "afraid" that the fifth generation of the M3 (M4 has the same technology) would do significantly worse in terms of sound than its predecessors with V8 or R6 vacuum cleaners. But we can all reassure them, even the double-charged six-cylinder sounds excellent. (even without Akrapovic) In addition to the awesome sound of the Akrapovic system, one or the other PS should have been found. Akrapovic speaks of 10PS and 16 Newton meters more with 11,4kg less mass.

RaceChip Chiptuning Akrapovic BMW M4 Coupe! Soundfile...

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