1970s Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 as a discreet restomod!

1970's Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 Restomod 4

A proverb, particularly widespread in Italy, says:You're not a true petrolhead if you don't have one at some point in your life Alfa has owned". That's a bit of an exaggeration, but there's also a pinch of truth in it. Because as the owner of an Alfa, as a car enthusiast, you are regularly put to a hard test in terms of technology. But if you still remain loyal to the brand, you can call yourself a petrolhead. At least that's how we see it! But this beautiful specimen, which according to the sales advertisement is completely flawless, is completely apart from technical defects, rust and prejudices. Although this copy certainly has its "own Alfa head"But this is certainly not about whether it works or not. Because the technology fits 100%!

1970 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750

By the way, calling the car a GTV is not quite correct, because its full name should be GT Veloce. But it's commonly known as the GTV, followed by the appropriate engine variant. In this case, it is a beautiful specimen with the designation 1750. Incidentally, the GTV was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at the end of 1967. In principle, it is a simple vehicle that is perfectly balanced and feels particularly comfortable on winding roads. As a GTV 1750, the vehicle in the pictures has a 1,75 liter engine with 124 hp under the hood, which has no trouble with the light coupe. There is also a 5-speed manual transmission that transmits the power to the rear wheels. The engine is also equipped with two Weber carburetors.

Alfaholics Veloce style alloy wheels in 15 inch

1970's Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 Restomod 12

This particular GTV is a 1970 Euro model with some cool features. It has 15-inch Alfaholics Veloce-style alloy wheels with new tires and a modern one behind it Disc brake system all around. At the Suspension you rely on a combination of Bilstein shock absorbers and modified upper wishbones and in principle the unique piece is also completely restored. Various work was also carried out on the engine in 2019, including a valve clearance adjustment and a cylinder head repair. In the course of Food the classic was repainted from ocher yellow to red, with the paint dress going particularly well with the new black equipment.

In the interior there is also a chic wooden steering wheel, there is a Jaeger tachometer and a Veglia speedometer. A wooden shift knob and various wooden decorative strips are also installed. From a visual point of view, the aprons on the body have been removed, which gives the car a cool retro racer look. Also is now one Sports exhaust system installed, for a befitting soundscape. And best of all, you can buy the classic. The GTV is currently up for auction in Irvine, California.

1970's Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 Restomod 10

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1970 Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 as a more understated Restomod!
Photo credit: Bring a Trailer
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