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Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

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Rotiform Airride Widebody BMW 850CSi E31 1 1 e1607948308137 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

Now we have a new one again Rendering by The Kyza aka Khyzyl Saleem tracked down for you. Today the rendering Rembrandt from the tuning scene took on a BMW 8 Series (E31), in our opinion one of the most beautiful (classic) automobiles that BMW has ever built. This time the rendering was given a Japanese license plate, and the background of the photos is also very similar to Japan. Kei-cars in the background and the typically Japanese architecture of the houses suggest to the viewer that this BMW 8 Series is in Tokyo. Accordingly, the vehicle is also in JDM tuning style held, and was neatly revamped to give a very special impression.

"Subtle" for The Kyza.

Rotiform Airride Widebody BMW 850CSi E31 3 1 e1607948334600 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

The 8-series BMW has a Stance tuning, which is virtually powered by an Airride chassis from Air-lift performance came about, and you can also see at the rear a widebody kit with drawn wheel arches, which 20-inch rims from the house Rotiform (Type BM1s) with extreme low-bed optics. Red Ferrari-style taillights as well as the four exhaust pipes, which are attached symmetrically, round off the extremely subtle tuning rendering of the refined 850Csi. You are not used to something like that from Khyzyl Saleem, because his renderings are often very extreme, and optically no stone is left unturned. We assume that people in Japan also know and love the works of The Kyza, because the artist is now known worldwide and has probably been mentioned in every tuning magazine in the world.

A roll cage can be seen in the interior!

Rotiform Airride Widebody BMW 850CSi E31 5 1 e1607948362506 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

With this BMW 8 Series you would be the absolute star at every BMW meeting as well as at brand-open meetings of the scene, because where else can you find a perfectly tuned 8 Series E31. Many models of the series, which have now become extremely rare, have unfortunately their best days behind them, and either fell victim to the scrap press or were sold by forest and meadow traders at bargain prices. The 8 is already a Klassikerthat is worth cherishing and caring for, if you have one.

Silky-soft V12 suction gasoline engine as drive.

Rotiform Airride Widebody BMW 850CSi E31 2 1 e1607948394774 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

The heart of the luxury-class coupé is a twelve-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine (M70B50) with a 5-liter displacement and a powerful 300 hp. The maximum torque of an 850i (05 / 1989-12 / 1992) is 450 Newton meters and the top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h. From 1993 to 1994 there was the 8er with M73B54 twelve-cylinder and 5,4-liter displacement as well as 326 PS & 490 NM. And the top model was the 850CSi which Khyzyl has refined. It has a S70B56 twelve-cylinder with 5576 cm³ under the hood and makes 280 kW (380 hp) at 5300 rpm and a handsome 550 Nm at 4000 rpm. It was only built 1.510 times. But no matter which engine is installed, you don't want to race with such a classic, you just want to cruise elegantly over the boulevards of this world, or take a jaunt into the countryside at the weekend.

Chapeau, The Kyza.

With this rendering, The Kyza proves that he can reinvent himself again and again. From the once so wild style of Golf 2 renderings or of a Clio design, there is not much left, because this interpretation of the 850CSi looks much more mature and serious than the artist's earlier works, which were brushed for riot. If you are interested in a BMW 8 Series (E31), you can secure a high-mileage model for very little money, which, with good care and maintenance, will probably not lose its value in the next few years. Especially if it is an 850CSi, an 840i with an M60B40 eight-cylinder or an 840Ci with an M62B44 eight-cylinder. Incidentally, the only 18 x built 830i with M60B30 six-cylinder and 218 hp cannot be found on the market. Why? They were just prototypes! For everyone who would like to have a look at this rendering, we have of course also provided a picture gallery, which, as always, is attached to the text at the end. Have fun looking at the pictures and stay true to us!

Rotiform Airride Widebody BMW 850CSi E31 8 1 e1607948416450 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

Photos: Khyzyl Saleem

Rotiform Airride Widebody BMW 850CSi E31 4 1 e1607948441812 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

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Porsche 911 Carrera (964) with stripping from Khyzyl Saleem!

Porsche 911 965 Stripping Khyzyl Saleem Tuning 4 310x165 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

2020 BMW M4 Coupe (G82) widebody with air suspension!

Khyzyl Saleem 2020 BMW M4 Coupe G82 Widebody Airride Header 310x165 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

Extremely fat - Pontiac GTO widebody as "White Walker"!

Pontiac GTO Widebody White Walker Header 310x165 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) by Khyzyl Saleem!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Rendering of a BMW 850CSi (E31) from Khyzyl Saleem!

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