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Brooklyn Commission: Singer Restomod Porsche 911!

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Singer Porsche 911 Brooklyn Commission 19 Brooklyn Commission: Singer Restomod Porsche 911!

Singer Vehicle Design has a Porsche 911 restauriert and converted into a Restomod one-off piece with countless modern components. The vehicle was created under the project name "Brooklyn Commission" and is of course based on a 911 of the 964 generation. Specifically, it is a vehicle from the year 1990that the project "Anglet Commission Oregon“Looks extremely similar. And usually the vehicles only on customer request manufactured and are therefore usually also available not for sale. This is different with this vehicle, however, because the one-off was on the platform at the weekend Collecting Cars auctioned. The maximum bid yesterday was equal to 653.000 British pounds, which is roughly 760.000 Euros corresponds to. In other words, the highest bidder had the 992 cost more than three quarters of a million euros. There would also have been more than three brand new Porsche Turbo S (911). Incidentally, it is not known why the “Brooklyn Commission XNUMX” was for sale.

Brooklyn Commission Restomod

However, we know that this is the eighth vehicle from Singer and therefore an older conversion. It was commissioned in 2012 and specifically set the basis accident-free 964, which dismantled to the monocoque and reinforced as well as countless Carbon body parts was rebuilt.

Detailed documentation on the conversion is even supplied to the new owner. The classic is lacquered in Lime and it is very special in terms of color Purple Alcantara interior. This color combination is in any case a matter of taste and maybe it had a special background. However, we do not have any information on this. And when we say interior, we mean it everything under the sheet. Because even that Engine cover trim is covered with purple quilted suede and also in Trunk under the front flap shows the noble material.

Rims with interchangeable wheel covers

The lettering on the body is also in Lila and with the classic Fuchs rims, a variant in black and silver gray is used. However, the wheelset comes with interchangeable ones "Petals"which translates as "petals“Means and refers to the wheel spider. This can be against a variant in Purple or black it will be exchanged.

By the way, from a technical point of view, the classic enjoys a Öhlins sports suspension, there were modern ones Lens spotlights and behind the mentioned rims there is one Performance Porsche braking system with red calipers and large perforated brake discs. Inside, the driver and front passenger are delighted Singer Edition carbon track sports seats and an integrated one, among other things, provides the necessary security Roll bar and an Strap bracket (Harness Bar) with Schroth four-point belts. Here, too, everything is included Suede lined that also extends over the vehicle floor, the area of ​​the side sills and the rear seating area.

Singer Edition carbon track sports seats

Singer Porsche 911 Brooklyn Commission 23 Brooklyn Commission: Singer Restomod Porsche 911!

As an eye-catcher, the seat surfaces of the sports seats have a contrasting color brass eyelets integrated. And of course, one of the many new components also includes a new one engine. One has built in Cosworth 3,8 liter boxer engine with six cylinders attached to a Six-speed manual is coupled and approx. 375 PS / 276 kW sends. In combination with the low curb weight, the performance should even be superior to that of a current 911 Carrera with 385 PS & 450 Nm. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Singer Southampton Commission Porsche 911 Restomod!

Singer Southampton Commission Porsche 911 Restomod 1 1 e1613118305550 310x165 Brooklyn Commission: Singer Restomod Porsche 911!

Porsche 911 Special Commission from Singer in Taiwan!

Porsche 911 Special Commission Singer Taiwan 964 Head 310x165 Brooklyn Commission: Singer Restomod Porsche 911!

Singer reimagined Porsche 911 DLS in Oak Green Metallic!

Singer reimagined Porsche 911 DLS Oak Green Metallic Restomod 8 310x165 Brooklyn Commission: Singer Restomod Porsche 911!

Brooklyn Commission: Singer shows new Restomod Porsche 911!
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