Friday June 18, 2021

CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts present the D28 Formentor

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CUPRA De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor 12 HQ CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts present the D28 Formentor

Photo credit: Cupra (Seat Sport SA)

CUPRA takes another step towards a world of experience and is now presenting the yacht named D28 Formentor, which was created in cooperation with De Antonio Yachts. The Showboat is a unique design and forms the basis for an exclusive limited edition of the D28. This will be characterized by the unmistakable CUPRA colors and surface qualities. The start of sales is planned for the end of 2021.

CUPRA meets De Antonio Yachts

The result of the first cooperation between CUPRA and the Barcelona-based shipyard is a 400 hp showboat that can reach a top speed of 40 knots. The exterior design impresses with its simple lines and dynamic character, while the color petrol blue and slim elements in copper tones give the boat elegance and sportiness. The De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor is currently on display in the Marina Vela in the port of Barcelona.

“CUPRA is more than a brand, it is much more a lifestyle with unique experiences that repeatedly challenges the status quo. Together with De Antonio Yachts we want to inspire the world from Barcelona "said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA, after a test drive. “The D28 Formentor is just the beginning of many other projects. Both brands are committed to sustainable mobility and together we will be working on a yacht with hybrid propulsion. It is based on our CUPRA Formentor e-HYBRID and will be presented next year. " Wayne Griffiths was accompanied by Marc de Antonio and Stan Chmielewski, co-founders of De Antonio Yachts, and Antonino Labate, director of strategy, business development and operations at CUPRA.

The perfect combination of performance and design

The De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor is 7,99 meters long and can be extended by half a meter using a stern platform. The exterior design is characterized by the eye-catching hull in petrol blue and numerous accents in black and carbon look. In addition, distinctive elements give the wheelhouse additional elegance and sportiness.

The V-shaped hull enables a top speed of up to 40 knots at full power and also allows you to glide smoothly at cruise speed. The generous width and the balanced weight distribution ensure a spacious deck and great stability when anchoring. The layout is designed according to the "walk-around" concept so that you can comfortably walk around the superstructure on deck. The entire deck of this model extends over one level and is divided into different sundeck areas. There is seating and tables on both the fore and aft deck, and the boat also has a fully equipped bathroom. The perfect use of space creates an incomparable feeling of openness and offers space for up to ten people.

CUPRA De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor 06 HQ CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts present the D28 Formentor

Marc de Antonio, co-founder of De Antonio Yachts, emphasized: “De Antonio Yachts was born out of a passion for the sea and an interest in building sporty yachts with innovation and modern design. CUPRA has the same spirit: We are both from Barcelona and believe in the city's potential as a global hub for cosmopolitan design. "

Stan Chmielewski, also co-founder of De Antonio Yachts, said: “Both De Antonio Yachts and CUPRA are committed to high tech in the development of their products. As part of our cooperation, we will work to apply the best innovations to the world of nautical science. We are very proud of this first showboat, it marks the beginning of a very promising collaboration. "

The CUPRA lifestyle universe

CUPRA De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor 11 HQ CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts present the D28 Formentor

CUPRA wants to work with brands that speak the same design language and share the way of creating experiences. The brand has set itself the goal of creating exclusive and limited product collections that reflect their lifestyle. In line with this, CUPRA has teamed up with Marset, a Spanish manufacturer of designer lights. The result of this joint project - Chispa by Marset for CUPRA, a portable, rechargeable and wireless designer lamp - is now available on the market.

In addition, CUPRA has launched an exclusive sneaker collection in cooperation with the international fashion brand Mikakus. Like the yacht, the Mikakus x CUPRA capsule is inspired by the design of the CUPRA Formentor. Together with the fashion brands TRAKATAN and LGR, CUPRA has also developed exclusive collections of handbags, accessories and sunglasses.

CUPRA De Antonio Yachts D28 Formentor 03 HQ CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts present the D28 Formentor

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts present the D28 Formentor

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