Cupra (Seat Sport SA)

Cupra is a subsidiary of the Spanish vehicle manufacturer SEAT and based in Martorell. On January 31.01.2018, 2018, Cupra for motorsport and car tuning was officially launched on the market under the new Cupra brand. In the same year, the Cupra TCR racing sled was presented under its own logo (replaced the SEAT logo). The expectations have been high since 2023. Vehicle sales are to be doubled by 2018. The "Leon" model series from SEAT was offered until XNUMX in various Cupra models. Cupra presented with the "Ateca“At the Geneva Motor Show 2018 his first independent brand model. With the brands "Arona" and "Ibiza", Cupra shows a preview of the sporty versions that were presented as studies. The possibilities for tuning are obvious. With the Cupra TRC, a concept racing car with electric drive was presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. At the Geneva Motor Show 2019, a concept vehicle of an SUV coupé (close to series production) with the Cupra "Formentor" was presented. From 2020 the "Formentor" will be offered in series.