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Cupra Formentor: powerful 530 HP & 609 NM using ASK Stage 3!

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Cupra Formentor: powerful 530 HP & 609 NM using ASK Stage 3!

The Cupra Formentor, already in the series with tight ones 310 PS & 400 Nm Equipped with torque, it is a vehicle that combines performance and top design to perfection. And those of ASK Performance The initial measurement carried out already revealed that the power pack has even more potential, with measurements 319 PS & 425 Nm. However, the true art of increasing performance only becomes apparent with the implementation of the ASK Stage 3 tunings, the Formentor in a breathtaking way 530 PS & 609 Nm catapulted. Of course, profound mods are necessary for such a significant increase. The heart of the renovation is the Upgrade turbocharger, which transports a significantly higher air mass into the combustion chambers. Together with one Custom downpipe The exhaust gas flow is optimized, which not only improves performance but also the Sound noticeably improved.

ASK Performance Cupra Formentor

Cupra Formentor: powerful 530 HP & 609 NM using ASK Stage 3!

And another component is this Intercooler, which ensures efficient cooling of the increased charge quantity and thus stabilizes performance. This also plays another important role modified intake system, which ensures optimal air supply to the engine and increases combustion efficiency. However, the combination of components would be precise without one Tuning of engine and transmission not really possible. Fine-tuning ensures that all new parts work together in harmony and that the engine's full potential is achieved without compromising longevity. And to ensure that the additional power is adequately transferred to the road, the Formentor was equipped with a KW DDC suspension equipped. This rounds off the driving behavior perfectly and ensures optimal road holding, even at higher speeds and especially in demanding situations.

And all of this even comes with TÜV!

Cupra Formentor: powerful 530 HP & 609 NM using ASK Stage 3!

What is particularly noteworthy is that... ASK Performance Remodeling even TÜV certified is what confirms compliance with high safety and quality standards and the legal use in traffic enabled. The setup not only represents an enormous increase in performance, but also ensures the reliability and street legality of the Spaniard. The Cupra Formentor with ASK Stage 3 tuning This not only presents itself as an extremely visually appealing vehicle, but also as a small tuning masterpiece that sets new standards in terms of performance and driving dynamics. For enthusiasts who want to individually optimize their vehicle, the ASK conversion a perfect opportunity to leave the boundaries of the series far behind. Performance enthusiasts can find one on the ASK Performance website Online Configurator. The tool allows you to select specific tuning preferences in detail.

Cupra Formentor: powerful 530 HP & 609 NM using ASK Stage 3!

Maintenance and care issues

And in addition to the tuning options, the specialist workshop also offers a wide range Maintenance and repair services all of which are carried out in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. In the area of ​​maintenance and care, ASK Performance stands out particularly because of the Obtaining the manufacturer's warranty and the documentation of all services in the digital service book. And another offer is this Carbon cleaning treatment. The special cleaning procedure eliminated Soot and deposits at critical engine points such as valves and in the intake tract. The result is not only an extended service life, but also an improvement in fuel efficiency and a reduction in emissions.

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Cupra Formentor: powerful 530 HP & 609 NM using ASK Stage 3!

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Cupra Formentor: powerful 530 HP & 609 NM using ASK Stage 3!
Cupra Formentor: powerful 530 HP & 609 NM using ASK Stage 3!
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