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Ford Puma ST vs. Puma ST model car: 147 KW vs. 402 watt!

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Ford Puma ST vs. Puma ST model car 1 Ford Puma ST vs. Puma ST model car: 147 KW vs. 402 watt!

Photo credit + video: Ford

The Ford Puma ST, the first Ford Performance SUV in Europe, is at the center of a competition against a tiny version of itself: the showdown will take place at the legendary Brands Hatch circuit in Great Britain. The Puma ST competes against a specially built, remote-controlled Puma ST model car (1:10 scale). To ensure that the competition conditions are as fair as possible, the “big” Puma ST has to complete the 1,9 kilometer Brands Hatch Indy Circuit in around 60 seconds, while the “small” Puma ST has to complete three laps on the 220 meter long Brands Hatch kart track, a scaled-down replica of the Indy Circuit that reflects its six challenging corners. With a lap time of around 20 seconds, the remote-controlled model version of the Puma ST challenges its big competitor. This video shows how this unusual competition ends:

Puma ST versus Puma ST: 147 kilowatts versus 402 watts

The Ford Puma ST is the youngest and strongest member of the Puma family. From its 1,5-liter EcoBoost turbo direct injection engine, it draws an output of 147 kW (200 hp) * and develops a torque of 320 Nm. The top speed is 220 km / h, and the Puma ST needs 100 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 6,7 km / h. For the Brands Hatch race against his remote-controlled competitor, none other than Louise Cook was at the wheel. She was the first woman to win the “FIA Production Car Cup” for drivers of non-all-wheel drive vehicles. In 2010 and 2011 she also won the title “British Rally Championship Ladies”.

The body of the 1,3 kilogram Puma ST model car is made of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and was manufactured with the help of digital data from the "big" Puma ST. Details such as the wheels, the exterior mirrors and the windshield wipers were meticulously 3D printed. Even the exterior paint in Furious Green Metallic corresponds to that of the production SUV, with the same water-based acrylic paint being used.

Ford Puma ST vs. Puma ST model car 2 Ford Puma ST vs. Puma ST model car: 147 KW vs. 402 watt!

The "small" Puma ST is powered by a 402 watt electric motor and controlled by professional model car pilot Lee Martin, who has six European and 13 British championship titles. The remote-controlled Puma ST was developed by “Designworks” in Great Britain especially for this race. It is based on an ARC R12FF platform and reaches a top speed of at least 80 km / h.

“This was anything but an ordinary car race. But the Ford Puma ST was developed to deliver real performance and agility in a compact and practical package under all conceivable conditions - even when it comes to specially built model cars and a champion on the remote control, ”says Stefan Muenzinger, Managing Director Ford Performance, Europe .

Ford Puma ST vs. Puma ST model car 3 Ford Puma ST vs. Puma ST model car: 147 KW vs. 402 watt!

“It was a huge pleasure to drive the Ford Puma ST on the Brands Hatch circuit. I did not expect such a sports car feeling in an SUV. I am familiar with Ford rally vehicles from my experience as a racing driver, so I can confirm with a clear conscience that the Ford Puma ST brings real athletic qualities to the road, ”says Louise Cook, WRC rally driver.

“This race against the clock was a unique opportunity to see how a remote-controlled model car can compete against a real vehicle. Our model was modeled on the real Puma ST in great detail, right down to the front-wheel drive and the paintwork. The race was really fun. Maybe next time Louise and I can change cars, ”said Lee Martin, professional model car driver.

Overview: the performance data

 Cougar STPuma ST model car
Engine147 kW / 200 PS, 1,5-liter Ford EcoBoost petrol engine402 W, brushless electric motor
Drive / transmissionFront wheel drive, manual

6-speed transmission

Front wheel drive,

1-speed transmission

acceleration0-100 km / h in 6,7 seconds0-80 km / h in 3,0 seconds
top speed220 km/h80 km/h
Length4.226 mm420 mm
height1.533 mm155 mm
Weight:1.358 kg1,3 kg

Ford Puma ST also as a new Instagram game

Ford is launching a new Instagram game later this month that will allow fans to digitally experience the Puma ST on the Brands Hatch circuit. An Instagram account is required to play. Users can control the performance SUV by tilting their head to the left or right, the speed of the Puma ST can be increased by running over ST logos on the racetrack. Lap times are recorded and can be shared with followers so that players can challenge their Instagram contacts to time trials.

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