Gemballa is not just a Autotuner, Already since the year 1985 GEMBALLA is registered as registered automobile manufacturer with the German Kraftfahrtbundesamt which only the fewest know. That is to say, not only does everything revolve around tuning, own vehicles can also be built in Leonberg. Incidentally, the manufacturer's origins date back to the year 1981. Since then, the focus has been clearly on the autotuning of Porsche vehicles where with GTR 8XX Evo-R, Avalanche or Mirage GT impressive history was written. Gemballa uses the body shells of Porsche vehicles. As a milestone of modern times is certainly the company takeover by the investor Steffen Korbach and Updated 06.2019 Considering to take a new direction and possibly build a car next to the tuning of Porsche vehicles. GEMBALLA is and will remain a particularly exclusive manufacturer of individual vehicles and will probably continue to make an appearance with particularly high performance increases.

Own car - GEMBALLA realizes hypercar project!

GEMBALLA Hypercar Project 1 310x165 Own Car GEMBALLA implements Hypercar Project!

The company GEMBALLA GmbH from Leonberg near Stuttgart has successfully started the fundraising process and reports the first incoming payments from investors for the recently announced own super sports car. This is the starting signal for the start of the technical planning phase and at the same time the occasion for the announcement of further ...

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