As the Ford Motor Company in the year 1922 the 1917 established car manufacturer Lincoln took over, which was the starting signal for the production of vehicles of the upper class and the luxury class. With this brand Henry Ford was able to offer the top dog among the luxury vehicles to be able to stand up. Packard, Pierce-Arrow and later too Cadillac were the competitors that Lincoln wanted to outdo in design and space, comfort and performance. With groundbreaking streamlined shapes, a self-supporting body and powerful V12 engine, the brand was able to score more and more and became a true luxury manufacturer, whose cars became increasingly popular with well-to-do customers. Even American Presidents have now selected a Lincoln for their fleet. Today, Lincoln offers classic sedans like the Continental and MKZ. Add to that four SUVs, of which the huge Lincoln Navigator is the most impressive. Although all cars are strongly motorized, with a suitable autotuning even a considerable performance gain can be achieved. Also, the chassis can be improved significantly by tuning the specialist.

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