Video: More is always possible - Lincoln Monster Truck 4 × 4!

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Lincoln Monster Truck 4x4 USS Compensator Video: More is always possible with Lincoln Monster Truck 4x4!

Typical America! This so-called USS compensator is actually approved for road use. Combine a luxury limousine with a monster truck? This works out! The ultimate example is the converted third-generation Lincoln Town Car that sits on a tubular frame. Builder James Foster from the state of Oregon built the part over a period of three months and then gave it the name USS Compensator. And the unique piece even has a huge roof platform installed that can be reached via a folding ladder on the side. In addition, tires from a military vehicle in 53 inches (1,35 m) join and Foster used various air spring elements for the chassis. Incidentally, cameras at the front and rear provide a better overview. Without words!


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