Lister Motor Company

The British racing driver Brian Lister from Cambridge began 1954 with the construction of sports cars. In the 50er years originated 34 vehicles. At the beginning of his new career, Bristol and MG Engines used. Later he saddled up with his 2 seaters JaguarEngines and took part under the name Lister Jaguar in numerous sports car races. Car tuning was his passion and he developed his brand further. Unfortunately, it came to a hard tragic Nick. After the fatal accident of Archie Scott-Brown he stopped his production almost completely. British financier Laurence Pearce took a liking to the old brand and brought 1986 back to life. At the beginning, tuning was the top priority for his company. He redesigned the Jaguar XJS for corresponding racing missions. 80 tuned racing cars were built in the 90 years. The success spoke for him. 1993 turned the pure racing car into a handsome sporty car for the road.