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Mini camper that is fun - the 2021 Lada Granta

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Mini Camper 2021 Lada Granta Lux Form 1 Mini Camper that is fun with the 2021 Lada Granta

Photo credit: Made in Russia / Lux Form

Camping is all the rage. And for around 30.000 euros, a camping dream for two can be made with one Lada compact camper realize. An import company in Upper Bavaria sells the model. In Germany, however, the Lada Granta is only as a limousine or hatchback to buy. Of course, such a model can be can not be use as a mobile home. The problem can be solved quickly, however, because in Russia the Lada Granta can be used as a Flatbed truck to be purchased. The Moscow company now has this basis Lux shape used and developed a two-person mini camper. And the import company in Prutting in Upper Bavaria sells the vehicle. The Lada is with one 1,6 liter engine with 87 hp fitted. Also, it meets the current Emission standard Euro 6d-Temp, so an approval in Germany completely unproblematic .

Structural data - Lada Granta

The living cabin is attached, produced in sandwich construction and firmly connected to the base. The cabin door is on the passenger side. The standing height is comfortable here two metres. The floor plan inside is reminiscent of conventional demountable cabins. There is a smaller one in front of the bow seating Installed.

The bow is used for sleeping. Bathroom and kitchen can be found in the stern. Overall, the Lada has a size of 4,93 / 1,74 / 2,39 meters. The permissible total weight is included 1.990 kg. Without expansion, a price of 24.990 Euros and for the fully equipped camping version 33.990 Euros be applied.

On-board technology and kitchen

There is even a kitchen in the mobile home. In this one is a single-flame gas cooker built for cooking. To prevent the food from spoiling, there is even an extra under the stove 70 liter refrigerator. If the camper is not parked on a campsite, the dishes can be cleaned using the Sink next to the stove. The switches for the are built into the kitchen block Voltronic auxiliary heating, the Truma hot water boiler and Control panel for the fresh and wastewater and also the charge level of the installed 100 amp gel battery.

Mini Camper 2021 Lada Granta Lux Form 13 Mini Camper that is fun with the 2021 Lada Granta

Sleeping and living

During the day, the sleeping area disappears, taking up little space when folded Alcove hood. If the sleeping area is required, the lying area is built over the seating area. Here the seat cushions are then put together to form a mattress. The lying area is then 1,58 by 1,98 meters.

Mini Camper 2021 Lada Granta Lux Form 7 Mini Camper that is fun with the 2021 Lada Granta

The seating consists of two opposite sofas. One sofa has a seat area of ​​0,65 by 0,55 meters. The second sofa, which is suitable for two people, has an area of ​​1,15 by 0,55 meters. The table can be hung in the middle and moved. Clothes can also be stored well. Lux Form has installed a wardrobe measuring 1,84 × 0,36 × 055 meters in front of the seating group.

Bathroom / wet room

Opposite the body door on the driver's side is the wet installed. Their size is sufficient for one Corner sink, a Shower tray and the chemical toilet. The shower head can even be used outdoors. This is ensured by an installed window and a pull-out fitting. A water heater always provides warm water. However, there is only one in the Lada camper 45 liter waste water tank and an 70 liter fresh water tank installed. Long showers are therefore not an option.

Mini Camper 2021 Lada Granta Lux Form 3 Mini Camper that is fun with the 2021 Lada Granta

Delivery times - no importers

Except for the vehicle importer Made in Russia there are currently none another provider for the loader camper in Germany. This means that in Russia all vehicles ordered removed become. And in the Czech Republic these will be brought into line with the Euro 6d-Temp emissions standard. Before the handover, however, the importer takes care of the registration of the motorhome. The camper is available in three different versions. This can be used as a empty transporter equipped with only one cabin and two different types of motorhomes to arise. Interested parties can add personal requests at any time, which, according to Made in Russia, can be taken into account without any problems.

30.000 euros for the compact camper

Since the camper has to travel through different countries until it has reached its final expansion stage, it can by all means take up to eight months, until the motorhome is ready for use. At the end... Even if it's hard to believe, for around 30.000 Euro everyone can buy a compact camper. However, due to the dimensional limitation no luxury to be expected. However, everything you need can be found in the few square meters available.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Mini camper that is fun - the 2021 Lada Granta

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