Lamborghini Aventador on Forgiato NAVAJA-ECX rims

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We have just discovered a chic, tuned, matt black Lamborghini Aventador on the Facebook timeline for the Forgiato Inc. team. In addition to various other changes, the main focus of the tuner is certainly on the new built Forgiato Wheels NAVAJA-ECX 21 inch wheelset which, compared to the series, is an absolute asset to the car. Many more details were not actually posted, but pictures are known to say more than a thousand words. Nevertheless, we of course took a closer look at the car and made comparisons with the production version and discovered one or two changes. What we have learned directly from the tuner, and have recognized ourselves, we provide you in a small summary below. The whole thing was wrapped by the Impressiv Wrap team. Should you discover any further changes, we would be happy if you let us know in the "comment box", we will of course include them in the post.

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(Photos: Forgiato Wheels)

These are the details we know:

  • unknown lowering (coil springs, sport springs, coilovers, etc.)
  • darkened windows
  • matt black foil
  • orange accents on the entire car (ventilation openings in the front bumper, side skirts, rear fenders, rear diffuser, on half of the spokes of the Forgiato NAVAJA-ECX wheels)
  • possibly an increase in performance - Chiptuning, tuning box (info is still pending)
  • possibly a sports exhaust system (info is still pending)
  • Forgiato Wheels NAVAJA-ECX 21 inch wheelset
  • 355 / 25 ZR21 Rear Tires

We will write to the tuner again for you and ask us to send us further details and a few more pictures of the car.

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