Incredible: LTO BMW E30 Touring widebody with turbo!

LTO BMW E30 Touring Widebody Turbo Tuning 20

Actually, we thought that the BMW E30 RFR30 with LS V8 from Rebellion Forge Racing pretty much the most extreme thing that can be created based on the legendary E30. But the LTO E30 Touring widebody shows us that there is a number of crazier things. And the result is not really surprising considering the changes. Because the practical station wagon has elements that are known to always work on an E30: thick wheel arches, large side skirts and a powerful lowering. But you didn't leave it at that, you just went a whole corner further. With this vehicle from LTO (Tuning / clothing brand - Live to Offend) the fenders are completely out, the gaps are filled with slats and there is a large Gurney flap on the roof. The lower front lip has a large splinter and at the rear the apron has been given a huge diffuser with four fat fins.

Khyzyl Saleem again provided the template

LTO BMW E30 Touring Widebody Turbo Tuning 32

And of course nobody else was like the design  Khyzyl Saleem responsible, who works in the 3D Studio Max and KeyShot and also drew the template for the E30 RFR30 with LS V8 linked at the beginning. Usually Khyzyl is a game designer, but more and more brute project cars from Need for Speed ​​come straight onto the road. But it goes without saying that the path from digital art to physical product is extremely complex. The result convinces us in every respect and is extremely successful as we think. And the body kit is not even new or even unique. At least not on an E30! The first LTO project on a limousine appeared in 2018 and two more followed just a year later. They were very popular at the SEMA Auto Show. But hardly anyone knows this E30 Touring conversion. Because actually the body kit is only available for the regular E30 BMW 3 Series Coupé. Actually…

significant widening front and rear

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The red Touring seems “still” a prototype and thus a harbinger for further modifications. In principle, the body kit is comparable to that of the coupe, because on the Touring it also widens the front track by 55 mm and at the rear the Prototype V1 widebody kit even provides an extreme 80 mm increase "on each side". Judging by the coupe kit, this is a Stage 2 look and the vehicle seems to be based in Japan at the moment. In addition to the mighty body kit, the 3 Series Touring got a set of huge Brixton Forged Wheels forged rims that are equipped with TOYO TIRES and sit with millimeter precision in the wide wheel arches using the Airlift Performance air suspension. In addition, the bonnet is simply cut off after a third, so that the view of the clean engine compartment with M20 6-cylinder engine including Garrett GT3076r turbocharger is easily possible.

large Garrett GT3076r turbocharger

LTO BMW E30 Touring Widebody Turbo Tuning 18

The key data of the performance increase are currently unknown, but it should be clear that this engine in combination with the specially made stainless steel sports exhaust system provides powerful propulsion. And a lot has already happened in the cabin. The most important changes here are a Renown sports steering wheel, Corbeau sports seats with leather upholstery, an Individual racing parts v3 short shifter, an instrument cluster from the E46 and a beautiful Kevlar / carbon console trim. In technical terms, new headlights with lens technology and other changes bring the latest technology into the classic. A dreamlike vehicle that, as far as we know, has its origin even in Germany. If we receive timely more detailed information about the changes to the LTO Widebody E30 Touring, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

(Photos: Lookmush)

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Moving Artwork - BMW E30 M3 from tuner Vilner

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LTO BMW E30 Touring widebody with turbo conversion

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