Cleaner Mercedes 190E with Airride chassis and Evo interior!

Mercedes 190E Airride Tuning Lowrider 29

This extremely rebuilt 190erwe in the Speed ​​Hunters Magazine have discovered, of course, should not be missing on tuningblog. It is the vehicle of Mica Doris, which boasts incredible details. As far as we know, the classic was rebuilt by 187 Automotive from Wales (UK) and the nickname of the W201 is "Popes". After a restoration, the oldi received a complete repaint in Mercedes-Benz 147 arctic white and there is also a special all around body kit installed. It successfully increases the aggressiveness of the body without overdoing it. The rear of the 190E is special clean kept and was given a red rear panel as a highlight to match the taillights. However, there is no exhaust system at the rear. Instead, you bet on one Sidepipe sport exhaust system in AMG look on the right side. The pipes are integrated in the deep side skirts and they match the new wheelset with the chrome look. And this is one of the absolute highlights of the vehicle.

crazy Mercedes 190E

The 190 stands on a set of Work Carving Head-Rimsthat from 14 to 17 inches enlarged and features engravings and wild mariachi hubcaps. Incidentally, the extreme lowering is achieved by means of specially manufactured air suspension, which is controlled via Air Lift Performance 3P management. There were adjustable ones camber arms and if you look closely, you can even see an AMG 4-piston sports brake system behind the rims.

And then there is the interior of "Papi". The cabin is just as special as the body and full of individual details. Every single surface and panel is custom made and so is this Nardi steering wheel with the brass horn button. There were also white seat belts and a shift lever with brass knuckles. Incidentally, the interior comes from a 190E Cosworth and enjoys a color combination of burgundy with a mix of leather with suede inserts. There are also dozens of engravings here, such as on the front and rear door handles. The most impressive part of the interior for us is clearly the headliner, hand-painted by Mica.

rarely seen such an engine compartment

Mercedes 190E Airride Tuning Lowrider 23

And on we go with the crazy engine compartment. In the middle sits a dreamlike six-cylinder, which can be seen through a cut-out in the bonnet. Specifically, it is a 3,2-liter M104 engine that is installed. It was completely disassembled, cleaned, polished and engraved, all done by Mica herself. Parts such as nuts, bolts and brackets that are not polished or engraved are perfect galvanized, coppers or chrome.

From every angle you look into the engine bay, you see a different part that has been polished, coated or engraved. This one-off 190E is definitely what it's meant to be: a dream show car and a real one Trailer Queen! If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Mercedes 190E Airride Tuning Lowrider 19

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Cleaner Mercedes 190E with Airride chassis and Evo interior!
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