Tuesday 26th October 2021

2022 non-fungible token (NFT) Nissan GT-R up for auction!

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non fungible token NFT Nissan GT R 2021 Tuning 4 2022 non fungible token (NFT) Nissan GT R as auction!

Nissan Canada announced today that they have teamed up with Toronto artist Alex McLeod to create a GT-R inspired, non-fungible token (NFT is an irreplaceable, digitally encrypted object) to build. It will be auctioned for a minimum price of $ 280.000 ($ 220.000) next month and the person who wins the auction will receive not only an NFT but a brand new one as well GT-R NISMO as a special edition on top. "Nissan wanted to develop an NFT that celebrated the legacy of the GT-R and marked the launch of the most exclusive edition to date"Said Ken Hearn, director of marketing at Nissan Canada. "It was great to work with a talented, innovative artist like Alex to bring Nissan Canada's very first NFT to market and we are excited to present the artwork today.“Nissan says they chose to work with Alex McLeod because of their out-of-the-box thinking and creative use of 3D rendered environments. The NFT presents the GT-R in three supernatural environments, to the supernatural Highlight the performance of the vehicle.

non-fungible token (NFT) Nissan GT-R

"When designing the NFT, I wanted to create something that had a sense of familiarity but was also exciting at the same time"Said McLeod. "The GT-R NISMO Special Edition is unlike any other car I've seen so far in that it looks like it comes from another world. I wanted to explore the idea and show people what it might look like by bridging the realities between our actual and our imagined world.“The NFT will be hosted on the RubiX Network, an NFT marketplace that uses proprietary technologies to reduce the environmental impact of NFTs. The vehicle itself will be painted in Stealth Gray and will be delivered to the auction winner when he arrives in Canada in the fall. the Bids for the auction will take place between September 23rd and October 5th. The auction window is then from 5. to 7. October 2021. Nissan states that anything above the minimum price of $ 220.000 will be donated to charity.


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