The brand Plymouth was made by Daimler Chrysler marketed between 1928 and 2001. The car brand was founded in the United States and was one of the most sold automotive brands in the United States. Interesting to know: The sister company Doge still exists today and was the strongest competitor on some models. In the meantime, the car brand also outperformed the larger competitors such as Ford, Quality and longevity were among the trademarks of Plymouth. From 1928 to 1942 a total of 15 models were developed, each model had some special editions and variants. Then there was only sporadic news and the production of PT Cruiser and the Prowler was completely taken over by Chrysler. The last model under the Plymouth label was the Plymouth Neon - now known as Dodge Neon. Especially the old models invite tuning fans - there are different clubs (For example, the Plymouth Owner Club) and alliances worldwide to jointly preserve the brand and talk shop about vehicle tuning. All Stephen King fans know the Plymouth model "Belvedere" from the film version "Christine".