SUITE N ° 4 - Artificial homage to the Renault 4!

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SUITE N ° 4 - Homage Renault 4 1 SUITE N ° 4 - Artificial homage to the Renault 4!

A hotel room on wheels: With the SUITE N ° 4, Renault is presenting a unique concept vehicle based on the legendary Renault 4. The homage resulting from the collaboration between Renault's color and equipment specialists and French designer Mathieu Lehanneur dispenses with the trunk and rear seats of the original and transforms the interior into a room with a view of the sky. Like its role model, the SUITE N ° 4 combines simplicity and simplicity and at the same time puts efficiency and spontaneity in the foreground. "Mathieu Lehanneur is one of the most distinguished international designers," says Arnaud Belloni, Renault Global Marketing Director. “We asked him to design a concept vehicle that would show his vision for the Renault 4 as a French automobile icon. The finished product is exceptional. A model that embodies everything that the brand wants to achieve with the Renaulution strategic plan: to create modern and innovative cars that arouse emotions. "


SUITE N ° 4 - Homage Renault 4 2 SUITE N ° 4 - Artificial homage to the Renault 4!

The SUITE N ° 4 concept vehicle has the same external dimensions and lines as its famous predecessor from 1961, but has a completely new look. The rear section and the tailgate were replaced by windows made of polycarbonate and allow light to enter like in an artist's studio. The solar panels on the roof are also translucent and support the charging of the fully electric vehicle. The front features the same iconic lights, lines and silhouette as the original. The grille is made of polished aluminum and gives the car a flowing, dynamic look. The body is coated with three layers of paint. Inside, the upholstery fabrics convey a warm and cozy feeling. Yellow velvet runs over the seats and the dashboard, while the backrests are covered with a thick chenille fabric.

completely redesigned trunk

SUITE N ° 4 - Homage Renault 4 5 SUITE N ° 4 - Artificial homage to the Renault 4!

The highlight is the completely redesigned trunk with a floor covering made of natural fibers. Because SUITE N ° 4 does not have rear seats, the interior gives the impression of a small, cozy room. A pull-out wooden drawer at the rear that can be used like a small table also contributes to this. “SUITE N ° 4 opens the door to a new type of mobility that aims to provide people with experiences. I wanted to merge the worlds of cars and architecture to create an open-air hotel room, ”says Mathieu Lehanneur. The Renault SUITE N ° 4 can be seen from November in the Renault Atelier on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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SUITE N ° 4 - Artificial homage to the Renault 4!
Photo credit: Renault

SUITE N ° 4 - Homage Renault 4 4 SUITE N ° 4 - Artificial homage to the Renault 4!

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